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The Best Blended Scotch Whisky According To The International Spirits Challenge 2024


When the single malt was on the rise, some began thinking that ‘single malt whisky is better whisky’. In reality, blended scotch whisky simply offers something different than single malts. No less complex and no less delicious. 

So, in the interest of helping blended scotch whisky fans find the best expressions on the market, I thought I would run down the three blended scotches that won Double Gold Medals at the 2024 International Spirits Challenge (ISC)

How The Iris Became The Most Expensive Bottle of Brora

When the Brora Iris sold for £400,000 ($483,080) in November 2023 it easily became the most expensive bottle of whisky from the Brora distillery, even adjusting for size. But how do you create a record setting release?

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Four Macallan For Every Budget $600 to $8,500

Discover four of the best Macallan bottles, ranging from $600 to $8,500, led by Mark Littler, the owner and editor-in-chief of The Whiskey Wash. In this video, Mark provides an in-depth look at each bottle, delving into their history, unique features, and why they are a great addition to any collection.