Review Guidelines

As one of the leading publishers in the whiskey information space, The Whiskey Wash strives to review and give coverage to as many whiskeys as we can, no matter where in the world they are from. That being said, we cannot substitute quantity for quality when it comes to our editorial attention to each bottle we review. Therefore please take note of the following before submitting a review of your product.

  • Generally we aim to turnaround bottles submitted to us as quickly as possible. The reality is though it takes a bit of time to accurately do quality work and explore what each expression has to offer. Thus, given the high volume of review samples we receive, we have a standard policy that, from the time of sending the bottle to when the review is actually published, you can expect to see a timeframe pass of several weeks to a couple of months.
  • When submitting a review sample, please provide as much information as possible to us about what your whiskey is about, technical details included. Reviews will go slower if our review team has to spend extra time researching aspects of your whiskey because all we get from you is a bottle with a label on it that simply says "bourbon."
  • While full size bottles are best when it comes to sending us review samples, smaller sized samples are fine as well. Note though that sending us a thimble size of whiskey may not offer enough for us to do an accurate tasting of. Therefore we suggest a minimum of 50ml in size.
  • Note it is our policy to use stock photography done by the distillery or brand through official social media, an official website or emailed to us when it comes to bottle shots. We will generally not use staff taken photos unless the bottle sample submitted is full size.
  • Please make sure to tightly seal your samples that are being sent to us and ensure they are securely packaged. We've received one too many packages over time that smell of whiskey when we open them, finding the enclosed sample bottle to be leaking and/or shattered.
  • With the above being said, also be considerate of the amount and type of packing material you use. We aim to be sustainable in how we reuse/recycle the material you use, but in some cases that is sadly not possible.
  • While we aim to review as much whiskey as we can, certain categories we will be more stringent upon in terms of whether we accept them or not given what we know of our readership. Generally flavored whiskeys and unaged white whiskey will not be accepted unless signed off first by the editor in charge of reviews.
  • Before submitting samples we strong encourage you to contact [email protected] with information about your review request and also any questions you might have about the process listed above.

Keeping all of the above in mind, please send review samples to the following address:

The Whiskey Wash
1631 NE Broadway #109
Portland OR 97232