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Editorial Standards

The Whiskey Wash is an independent whisky news and information website committed to upholding high editorial standards amidst the influential spirits industry. Our dedication to these principles is guided by the Drink Blog Code established in 2007 by leading drink bloggers, which includes the following commitments:

  • Honouring copyright by respecting the rights of content creators.
  • Prioritising original content, with due credit given to external sources, except in cases of marketing material intended for public dissemination or content under a license permitting unattributed use.
  • Upholding transparency and honesty, distinctly separating paid advertisements from editorial content.
  • Preserving our independence and integrity, ensuring that advertising revenue or product samples do not bias our content. Products sent for review are considered fairly without guaranteed prominence, and our assessments remain candid.
  • Ensuring thoroughness by verifying the accuracy of the information we present.
  • Maintaining fairness by offering redress for factual inaccuracies, while reserving the right to publish reader comments at our discretion.


To maintain transparency regarding our funding, we disclose potential revenue sources, which do not influence our editorial choices:

  • Affiliate links for recommended products or purchasing guides
  • Clearly identified sponsored content and site sections.

In our whisky reviews, we either purchase bottles or obtain samples from distilleries, always disclosing the source and retaining impartial editorial control.

Recognising the subjective nature of taste, our reviews aim to provide well-informed opinions, allowing readers to make their own purchasing decisions based on our insights.

Review Scores

Review scores are obviously subjective  – we often field comments from folks who disagree with our scores or who find they don’t get the same flavor notes our reviewers did. That makes sense – everybody’s palate is difference. Our mission with reviews is to offer our educated opinion on why we think a given whiskey is good or bad, and let you, the reader, ultimately decide whether or not it is worth spending your dollars on.  

Below follows our basic scoring criteria.






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This is flawed beyond measure. Avoid at all costs.



This is one step away from the sink. Proceed with caution.



The bottle you pull out when you want to scare off your friends.



It is likely decent to consume as a last-resort bottle if you have nothing else on your shelf.



The minimum standard for a daily drinker – you’ll be happy with it but want more.



A whiskey that gets you thinking, hitting the right notes and flavors to be notable.



Now we’re talking – a whiskey worthy of sharing with friends and having a few bottles around.



Reaching towards the upper echelon of whiskey nobility – it is what most other whiskeys want to be.



The crème de la crème of whiskeys – you find a bottle of this, and you’ll likely never drink anything again.



Only spoken of in whiskey legends, it is a rare must-have if you can even find it.