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It's an exciting time to be into whiskey. There are more brands, more styles, and more fans than ever before. Keeping track of what's new in the world of whiskey can feel like a full time job-and for us, it is.

We started writing about the whiskey lifestyle back in late 2013. We love discovering new whiskeys, sharing drams with friends, collecting hard-to-find bottles, and diving into the science and history behind our favorite tipples, and we had a notion that there were a lot more of us out there than anybody knew.

It turns out we were right. What started as a hobby blog has grown to become an awardwinning website with hundreds of thousands of readers. We offer everything you need to get the most out of the world's greatest spirit, from breaking news and product reviews to in-depth reporting on the most important stories in the world of whiskey.


Our goal is to make learning about the whiskey lifestyle as fun as living it, and to build a community of whiskey-minded folks willing to share their knowledge, their experience, and a dusty bottle or two. Our writers include industry veterans, bartenders, producers, and bloggers from all over the world, including emerging voices and established authors. That global network lets us cover the most exciting developments in whiskey around the world, from heritage brands in Scotland and Ireland to innovators in the United States and Asia. And by publishing online, we can get you the information you want exactly when you want it.

If the whiskey industry shows us anything, it's that the only constant is change. As the world of spirits changes, we'll be right there alongside it - tasting samples, asking questions, peering behind the scenes, rediscovering old

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We're  growing fast, and you can grow with us.