It’s an exciting time to be into whiskey. The United States is seeing phenomenal growth in craft distilleries producing quality young spirits. Historic Scotch producers are in a phase of expansion and rebirth. Younger drinkers are swapping rye for vodka in their cocktail shakers. The Whiskey Wash was born to keep pace with the explosion of energy and innovation in the category, and to track the rise of the new whiskey lifestyle.

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A Note on Whiskey vs Whisky: As most drinkers of whiskey know, spelling of the word varies depending upon what part of the world it is made in. Some, like here in the United States, have the “e” in the word, while in Scotland it is spelled without that letter. Since we write to a mainly American audience, we will generally use “e” as the standard expect when specifically speaking to a foreign whisky in the sentence structure.

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