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About The Whiskey Wash

About The Whiskey Wash

The Whiskey Wash is your one stop shop for all things whiskey. Our goal is to make learning about whiskey accessible, fun, relevant and independent. We cover all aspects of whiskey and you can rely on us for your news, reviews, history, commentary and more.

On The Whiskey Wash you can expect high quality independent reviews, news and articles spanning the full industry, from the whisky itself to the creatives behind your favorite dram. Our whiskey and whisky experts cover everything from scotch to bourbon, and from Asia to America in order to provide you with all you need to get the most out of the world’s greatest spirits.

The Whiskey Wash History

Today the Whiskey Wash remains an independent community of experts endeavoring to share their knowledge and experience. It was founded in 2013 by Nino Kilgore-Marchetti who grew his hobby blog into an award winning lifestyle website. However the industry and online community evolved.

The changing state of the media landscape means that many incredible resources are no longer financially viable for the passionate whisky fans that run them. Malt has closed. Scotch closed. In 2023 the same fate awaited The Whiskey Wash, until Mark Littler stepped in as the new owner with a fresh new vision.

The invaluable reviews and community focused content remain. But we have removed the adverts that interrupted and constrained your experience. Now, as a services driven site, consumers can enjoy fully independent content from the breadth of the industry all in one place.

Fiercely Independent. Always honest.

Mark Littler LTD are independent, and so is The Whiskey Wash. That means you get the Whiskey Wash you love, without the intrusive (and often irrelevant) adverts, and just as importantly, without the background pressures to conform to a set narrative that those adverts bring with them.

The Whiskey Wash has complete editorial freedom to honestly review and cover the whiskies and news that you want to see and read. We champion all parts of the industry, from the whiskies themselves, to the creatives that shape everything from the bottles you pour from to the pictures you see beside the reviews.

Our promise is that we will always review and report our honest opinions, which, while always subjective, will never be swayed by anything other than our experiences.

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