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Rosebank 17 Year Old Cadenhead Miniature




Whisky Review: Rosebank 17 Year Old Cadenhead Mini

Tasting Notes:

A distillery that closed in 1993 and was bottled by Cadenhead’s? Good luck getting hold of any of this. From the research we’ve conducted there has never been a full sized bottle of this sold through auction, or currently on sale across the world. This is a very different style of Rosebank. It’s heavier, darker and not the usual delicate, floral style of lowland whisky that we would all be used to. The first new casks of Rosebank were filled in July of 2023, just over thirty years since the distillery closed. So we should have something new on the horizon soon.
Gently sherried
Hot toffee sauce! This is already different to any other Rosebank I’ve had. They’ve all been ex-bourbon in the past. Musty old things like leather, books, and an old library. Had a memory of the old Benromach 100 Proof to it. This warm, sweet sauce topping that has pineapple, raisin and sultant just soaking in flavour.
Classic Rosebank approach of slow and steady. Apples, raisins, cinnamon, blackberry, and very comforting winter fruit notes that add to this sticky toffee pudding motif it has going on.
Back to the pineapple now. This fights for the spotlight with elderflower, more toffee sauce and warm sponge cake. Big flavours fighting it out at the end.
I’ve always been in the ‘I don’t get Rosebank camp’. But bias aside, this is a very liquid that deserves its plaudits.
This Rosebank 17 Year Old was bottled by Cadenhead at 46% ABV. It seems only a miniature was released.

The Rosebank Distillery, often described as the ‘King of the Lowlands,’ has a rich history that dates back to 1798 when distilling in the area first commenced. The distillery was officially named Rosebank and became operational in 1817, likely owing its origin to the opening of the Forth and Clyde Canal in 1790.

However, the story of Rosebank Distillery on its present site in Falkirk began in 1840, when James Rankine acquired the maltings of the Camelon distillery. He established the distillery in this small town adjacent to Falkirk, creating a whisky that would become the beating heart of the Scottish town.

Rosebank Distillery Ltd was formed in 1894, and in a significant shift in the industry, it was among the companies that amalgamated in 1914 to form the Scottish Malt Distillers.

Despite its success, the distillery faced hardships and was mothballed in 1993. Much to the delight of Lowland whisky fans, Rosebank was reopened in 2021 and has since released several expressions, including a 30 Year Old.

This expression, however, is a little more of a mystery. It seems that this Rosebank 17 Year Old was released only as a miniature. The only other full-sized bottle of 17 Year Old Rosebank that I can find by Cadenhead was 54.2% ABV. This one is 46% ABV.

Phil Dwyer

Having worked in whisky retail for a decade, and running Whisky Wednesday on YouTube for nearly as long, Phil has always wanted to learn, talk and tell everyone as much about whisky as he can.

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