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Buffalo Trace Rebrands The Iconic London Phone Booth For A Bourbon Surprise

Londoners, will you answer the call to become untamed? Rendered image credit: Buffalo Trace Distillery London

This bank holiday weekend in the UK (May 4th and 5th) Buffalo Trace Distillery is staging a pop-up with a twist ahead of the opening of Buffalo Trace Distillery London on May 6th. 

In rebranding the iconic British phone booth, Buffalo Trace Distillery London is asking the public one important question: “Will you answer the call to become untamed?” 

The Buffalo Trace Distillery London Phone Booth 

During the weekend, visitors to London’s Covent Garden will find a phone booth painted in Buffalo Trace green and flanked by a Buffalo statue. Inside the phone booth, the phone will start to ring at random. If a member of the public answers the phone they will be invited to the new Buffalo Trace Distillery London to sample some of the renowned bourbons that are produced at Buffalo Trace Distillery in the USA. 

Sounds simple, right? Well, maybe not. Research commissioned by Buffalo Trace has revealed some interesting findings about Brits and their attitudes to answering unknown phone calls. According to the study, 40% of Brits “confirmed they wouldn’t pick up an unexpected call from an unknown number.” However, “one in five revealed that answering an unplanned call had led to something surprisingly good.” 

The Tasting Lineup 

Participants will be offered the chance to sample these rare bourbons. Credit: Buffalo Trace

Those who are brave enough to pick up the ringing phone will certainly find something good at the other end of the line. The tasting lineup, exclusive to those who answer the call, includes rare and exclusive whiskeys such as: 

  • OFC Vintages 
  • George T. Stagg 
  • Weller 12 Year Old 
  • Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year Old 
  • Eagle Rare 25 Year Old 

After hanging up the phone, whiskey fans will have 30 minutes to make their way to Buffalo Trace Distillery London for their tasting. Additionally, these lucky few will get a sneak peek of the premises before its official opening on Monday 6th May. 

Will You Answer The Call To Become Untamed? 

The Buffalo Trace Distillery London phone booth will be located in Covent Garden, near Russell Street. 

Speaking about the pop-up, Global Brand Director Andrew Duncan said: “At Buffalo Trace Distillery, we celebrate those who live life perfectly untamed – those who blaze their own trace, those willing to go their own way, those unafraid of the unknown. That’s why we’re challenging visitors in Covent Garden to do the unexpected this coming weekend – answer the call! Those who do just may find themselves embarking on one of the most memorable experiences of their lives.” 

So, will you answer the call to become untamed?

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