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Winner Selected For Exclusive Dalmore In Dubai Duty Free

The Dalmore Cask Curation Sherry Edition is the first in a four part series, with the second Port Edition scheduled for release in October 2024. Photo credit: Whyte & Mackay

One The Dalmore Cask Curation Sherry Edition sets has been sold via an exclusive ballot at Dubai Duty free. There were just 150 of these limited edition sets available worldwide, with only 20 marked for sale at Travel Retail. One of these has been sold via ballot through Dubai Duty free, with an entrant drawn by hand at an executive studded presentation.

The Sherry Edition is the first of what will be four releases in the Dalmore Cask Curation series. With each set presenting a cross section of ages showing the influence of different cask types over time. Sherry casks are showcased through a set of 26, 28 and 43 year old whiskies presented in a bespoke leather-finished travel case that has been handcrafted in Florence, Italy.

October 2024 will see the second release in the series and will showcase the influence of Port Pipes on scotch whisky as The Dalmore joins forces with a famous Port wine maker.

The Importance Of Travel Retail

Travel retail is becoming an increasingly important market for whisky and whiskey brands, especially as they look to reach a global audience in a market that is increasingly looking toward premiumisation.

“The Dalmore truly understands luxury with their rare and unique collections of limited editions and the brand has once again proven itself to be driving footfall and spend with this extremely desirable set. It is a pleasure to partner with Whyte & Mackay on creating something special for consumers traveling via Dubai,” explained Sharon Beecham, SVP for Purchasing of Dubai Duty Free in the official press release.

Single malt scotch has been an important driver of average passenger spend, and a way to recruit new shoppers into the travel retail market. The high tariffs on scotch whisky in some domestic markets means that purchasing scotch while on the move is increasingly attractive, especially for consumers after premium expressions.

“The sector is poised for further growth, with IWSR forecasting significant increases across all pricing segments, led by the Prestige and Prestige Plus offering. As the third-ranked luxury Malt brand in travel retail (IWSR), The Dalmore has been a key catalyst in fuelling this high value growth,” explains the official press release

The Asia pacific region continues to be an important market for scotch whisky. The Scotch Whisky Association reported that the region was the largest by value in 2024. Dubai Duty Free is renowned for its expertise in delivering elevated experience for UHNW shoppers capitalizing on its position as a luxury hub and travel gateway.

Eye On India

The four most popular whiskies in the world by volume are all Indian and the market is almost entirely domestic. Whyte & Mackay, parent company of The Dalmore, highlighted the importance at the recent APTRA India Conference, “60% of Indian alcohol duty free shoppers identify whisky as their spirit of choice.” Not only is that a huge potential market, but it is also a market that is increasing.

However the tariffs on imported whisky protect local whisky businesses and provide a significant barrier for entry for non-local brands. That is where travel retail becomes a hugely important starting point for brands building a foundation for future growth should tariffs be reduced. 

A winner for the limited edition set was selected by Dubai Duty Free and Whyte and Mackay executives. Photo credit: Whyte & Mackay

The Ballot

A winner for the limited edition set was selected by Dubai Duty Free and Whyte and Mackay executives at a special event to select the person who will be able to purchase The Dalmore Cask Curation Sherry Edition. The unnamed winner will now receive a white glove service to receive and enjoy their purchase. If you missed out on the ballot, you can still explore other vintage Dalmore for sale in The Whiskey Wash Shop.

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