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New Releases: Bruichladdich, Port Charlotte, Loch Lomond, Tamdhu

Festival season is upon us, and with it a whole host of new releases. Recently, Bruichladdich has unveiled its Fèis Ìle expressions and Tamdhu has dropped its Spirit of Speyside whiskies. Loch Lomond has also unveiled its new travel retail exclusives. 

Bruichladdich Rock’ndaal 03.1 & Port Charlotte Rock’ndaal 03.2 

Bruichladdich Rock’ndaal 03.1 and Port Charlotte Rock’ndaal 03.2 evoke the spirits of 1990s and early 2000s music festivals. Credit: Bruichladdich Distillery

From Saturday 25th May to Saturday 1st June, Islay will celebrate its annual Fèis Ìle Festival for which Islay distilleries release exclusive bottlings and host exciting events. Bruichladdich Distillery is set to host its annual Rock’ndaal Festival, complete with live music, dance, refreshments, and two Fèis Ìle 2024 expressions: the Bruichladdich Rock’ndaal 03.1 and the Port Charlotte Rock’ndaal 03.2. 

Bruichladdich Rock’ndaal 03.1

The Bruichladdich Rock’ndaal 03.1 is an expression that embodies the distillery’s experimental spirit. Initially matured in bourbon casks, the whisky was then reracked into a combination of “Sauternes casks (12.5%), Austrian dessert wine casks (12.5%) and ex-brandy casks from Fernando de Castilla, Spain, which previously held Pedro Ximenez Sherry (75%).” 

Bottled at 50% ABV, the 03.1 features aromas of “crème brulee and sharp lemon rind” on the nose, and “dried fruit and a subtle minerality coating the palate. This salty tang is balanced with a hint of nutmeg and peaches, with sweet floral notes adding to the delicate and refined finish.” 

Port Charlotte Rock’ndaal 03.2 

Accompanying the 03.1 is the Port Charlotte Rock’ndaal 03.2. Port Charlotte is the heavily peated expression produced at the Bruichladdich Distillery. The Port Charlotte Rock’ndaal 03.2, at 20 years old, is the oldest Port Charlotte expression ever released. 

The whisky was matured in a combination of 70% bourbon casks and 30% first-fill sauternes casks. On the nose, expect stone fruits. The palate delivers an “exceptionally smooth mouthfeel enhanced with ripe apple, poached pears, and Port Charlotte’s inimitable barbeque peat smoke. A sweet hint of dried mango and milk chocolate follow while peat fire embers linger.” 

The Rock’ndaals are named after Lochindaal, the sea loch on the shore of which Bruichladdich is located, and where the festival will be held. The packaging of the expressions is also inspired by the spirit of the festival. According to the press release: “The unique bottle designs encapsulate the palpable energy and party atmosphere of Rock’ndaal. Bringing together whisky and music, Bruichladdich’s iconic aqua bottle is adorned with block colours inspired by European music festivals of the 90s and 00s, with the abstract geometric patterns depicting elements of the distillation process. Golden soundwaves complement Port Charlotte’s deep green bottle, with eagle-eyed whisky fans able to spot a hidden message in the intricate, audio inspired design.” 

Both the new Bruichladdich and the Port Charlotte expression are now available to pre-order via the Bruichladdich website for £100 (~$126) and £225 (~$283) respectively. 

Loch Lomond Remarkable Stills Collection 

The new Remarkable Stills Collection is available exclusively at travel retail. Credit: Loch Lomond Group

Loch Lomond Distillery has unveiled its newest travel retail exclusive collection: The Remarkable Stills Collection. 

The bottlings are a celebration of Loch Lomond’s unique still setup, using a combination of straight-neck and swan-neck stills. Experimenting with distillation in these stills, the whisky makers at Loch Lomond are able to draw spirit from the stills at very precise moments. The subsequent maturation of these whiskies produces a variety of flavor profiles. 

The Remarkable Stills Collection features four bottlings produced from distillates of varying strengths, ages, and maturation profiles: 

  • Remarkable Origins (41.6% ABV) – finished in American oak casks. Captures Loch Lomond’s signature style with light citrus and orchard fruits.
  • Remarkable Alchemy (46.8% ABV) – finished in Colombian oak casks. Light citrus, orchard fruits, and smoke. 
  • Remarkable Ingenuity 13 Year Old (47.3% ABV) – Crafted from spirits drawn from both stills. Finished in Swedish oak casks. The signature Loch Lomond style is bolstered by notes of pepper and nutmeg. 
  • Remarkable Copper (48.1% ABV) – Crafted from spirits drawn from both stills, with varying ages and strengths. Matured in ex-bourbon casks. “Aromas and flavours of tropical fruit and vanilla syrup.” 

Speaking about the release of the new Remarkable Stills Collection, Loch Lomond Group Managing Director, Luke Maga, said: “The launch of the Loch Lomond Remarkable Stills Collection is a pivotal moment for the brand, presenting a new and unique opportunity to engage with discerning whisky enthusiasts in global travel retail. Embodying the fusion of tradition and innovation, the collection offers travellers an unforgettable taste of Loch Lomond’s unparalleled quality and we’re excited to see it roll out in the channel later this year.”

The Loch Lomond Remarkable Stills Collection will launch in key global retail markets in August 2024. No word yet on the price, so watch this space. 

Tamdhu Dalbeallie Dram VII & Tamdhu Dedication Society Single Cask Vintage 2003 

Two new Tamdhu expressions were released for the Spirit of Speyside Festival 2024. Credit: Tamdhu Distillery

Back to festivals now, and Tamdhu Distillery has unveiled two expressions for the 2024 Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival. 

The Spirit of Speyside Festival took place between May 1st and May 6th 2024, with various distilleries hosting over 700 events over six days, as well as releasing exclusive expressions. 

Tamdhu Distillery recently unveiled the Tamdhu Dalbeallie Dram VII and the Tamdhu Dedication Society Single Cask Vintage 2003. 

Commenting on the new expressions, Distillery Manager Sandy McIntyre said: “The Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival is a yearly highlight of the Tamdhu calendar. It brings together whisky lovers across the globe to visit world-renowned distilleries and witness the stunning landscapes that Speyside has to offer.

“We’re excited to unveil two new exclusive launches for this year’s festival. The Dalbeallie Series is always a favourite with our Tamdhu family and we’re confident the seventh one will be no exception. We’re also very pleased to introduce the ultra-rare expression chosen by our Dedication Society. It’s a stunning dram which we’ll be celebrating with the society’s members themselves.”

Tamdhu Dalbeallie Dram VII 

In keeping with tradition, the first of Tamdhu’s Spirit of Speyside bottlings is an addition to its famed Dalbeallie Dram series. 

The Dalbeallie Drams are named after the Dalbeallie train station, which was established two years after Tamdhu’s founding. The station allowed the distillery ease of access and travel, making it easier for barley passengers, and casks to arrive at the distillery. 

Dalbeallie Dram VII single malt was matured in Oloroso sherry casks and bottled at 61.8% ABV. On the nose, expect “vanilla, a hint of clove, raspberry jam, dark chocolate and orange peel.” The palate delivers “flavours of rich demerara sugar, toffee, dark berries and toasted oak, paired with shortbread and baked fig. On the finish: a long, warming sherry note, gentle spice and lingering fruit.” 

Dalbeallie Dram VII is available exclusively from Tamdhu’s online shop with an RRP of £100 (~$126). Only 1,000 bottles have been made available, so grab it while you can!

Tamdhu Dedication Society Single Cask Vintage 2003 

This special whisky was hand-selected by 15 members of the Tamdhu Dedication Society – a group of Tamdhu whisky fans and aficionados. 

In August 2023, the members (selected by ballot) were invited to the distillery to sample a selection of four single casks (chosen by Sandy McIntyre, Distillery Manager). The winner, European Oak Butt #5986, was then bottled to create this exclusive Spirit of Speyside expression. 

Aromas of “soft ginger spice, a twist of orange, stewed fruits and caramel, with frangipane and aged oak” greet the drinker on the nose. On the palate, “notes of dry sherry and shortbread, with subtle layers of vanilla and cola. The finish offers hints of apple, toffee, dark cherries, oak and leather, synonymous with Tamdhu’s signature sherried body.” 

Only 568 bottles were produced from cask #5986. These bottles are available exclusively from the Tamdhu Distillery website for an RRP of £379 (~$478)

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