Sexton Irish Whiskey Arrives In US In Some Cool Black Bottles

| October 11, 2017

Now and again mid-shelf import whiskeys turn up on American liquor store shelves with little information available about them. They sit in non-descript bottles, with little creativity behind their story or place of origin. Such seems not to be the case with Sexton Irish Whiskey, a bottling we’ve been seeing of late that is imported by spirits company Proximo.

The Sexton Irish single malt whiskey is a non-age statement (though we’ve been told it was aged four years), 100% Irish malted barley offering that’s been triple distilled in copper pot stills and aged in European oak, ex-sherry butts before being bottled at 80 proof.

Sexton Irish Whiskey

According to information in the cryptic messaging on the bottling, it looks as if this might have been distilled in County Antrim in Northern Ireland. That is the area in which the famous Old Bushmills Distillery exists. It produces whiskey primarily for the Bushmills brand that’s owned by Cuervo, the company known for tequila. Those behind Cuervo, the Beckmann family of Mexico, also own Proximo. Starting to see the connection now as to why Sexton likely has Bushmills whiskey on the inside?

Sexton looks to be pricing for at least $25-$40 at retailers from what we can see. Official tasting notes indicate “on the nose, marzipan, all spice and fruits follow aromas of nuts and dark chocolate. The refreshing palate reveals mellow honeyed malt and oils and finally a pleasant gentle wood finish with mild sweetness that slowly fades.”

We leave you with some of the interesting marketing copy found on the black bottles:

Up in the cold grey northern reaches of County Antrim the Sextons tend to the spirits digging the fresh graves of the river Bush graveyard and planting stone crosses in the soft mowed grass.

But show up just before dawn when the dew is glistening on the headstones and the cool morning breeze rushes through – carrying the scent of the unmistakable oak from a breathing casks; follow that scent down into the crypt and you might find a locked door, faintly glowing at its edges.

Through that door, find the rows of beckoning European oak, once the sacramental casks of fine sherry, now brimming with aqua vitae.


Nino Kilgore-Marchetti

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