Five Whiskeys to Warm Up Winter

There’s no getting around it: Winter is here, and it stinks. Between scraping ice off your windshield every morning, spending 20 minutes to layer up before heading outside, and cringing every time your heating bill arrives in the mail, it’s enough to send you shopping for a one-way ticket to Hawaii.

But if moving to the tropics isn’t in your future, we’ve got some cheaper, faster ways to put a little warmth into winter’s chill: Whiskey. Here’s what we’re drinking during the coldest days of the season.

Highland Park Fire

The Orkney Islands are no stranger to long, dark, cold winter days, which must be why Highland Park whisky is so good at putting a spring back in your step, even in the heart of midwinter. One half of a recent mythology-inspired duo, Highland Park Fire prominently features port cask aging to layer a sweet, fruity note atop its signature honeyed, gently peated flavor profile.

Uncle Nearest Whiskey

Named for Nathan Green, the slave who historians think originally taught Jack Daniels how to distill and may have perfected the Lincoln County Process, Uncle Nearest is a sourced Tennessee whiskey with a distinctively spicy flavor profile. Grassy and sweet at first, pronounced notes of satisfyingly leathery guajillo chili emerge over time for a warm, fruity finish.

Stranahan’s Snowflake

We recently brought you a play-by-play account of what it’s like to spend the night camping outside in Colorado’s frigid winter for the privilege of getting your very own bottle of Stranahan’s cult-favorite seasonal release, Snowflake. Give it a read and see if you’re not all of a sudden convinced that Stranahan’s famously chewy malt whiskey isn’t worth a little bit of sub-zero wind chill.

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Corsair Distillery in Nashville, Tennessee (and now with a second location in Bowling Green, Kentucky) has never been one to shy away from bold flavor profiles, and their Ryemageddon rye is no exception. Bold, spicy, and tingly, with a nice chocolatey finish, this is a dram to melt away the frost. Plus, it makes a killer hot toddy.

Edradour 10-Year-Old

Although it can be tricky to find in the states, malt made at the tiny Edradour distillery is well worth seeking out. Edradour 10-Year-Old is sweet, silky, and mellow, the organoleptic equivalent of wrapping yourself in a fleece blanket and snuggling up in front of a roaring fire.