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Dogfish Head Launches Another Experimental New Whiskey

Dogfish Head Distilling announced that it’s expanding its line of full-proof spirits with the new Alternate Takes Volume 3: Whiskey Finished in Apple Brandy & Apple Cider Barrels.

The whiskey comes in at 90 proof and is distilled from 100-percent pale malt and finished for more than three years in freshly-emptied Dogfish Head American oak apple brandy barrels and French oak apple cider barrels from Angry Orchard.

You can now find Dogfish Head’s new whiskey in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, D.C., and Washington. And enthusiasts in New York can expect to see this whiskey, and other Dogfish Head Distilling spirits, in their liquor stores later this spring.

Dogfish Alternate Takes Volume 3
Dogfish Alternate Takes Volume 3 (image via Dogfish)

“Alternate Takes Volume 3 has truly been a labor-of-love for our distilling team. It’s been in the works for more than three years,” said Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head founder and brewer, in a prepared statement. “That makes my anticipation for this product launch even greater. It will be awesome to finally be able to send our full portfolio of house-made spirits to our neighbors up north (New York) and I’m excited to hear their thoughts on our distillery’s offerings.”

The distiller’s notes show that Alternate Takes Volume 3 is full of aromas of warming cinnamon and wildflower honey paired with notes of fresh green apples, roasted chestnut and buttery, dry oaked chardonnay.

The third release out of Dogfish Head’s Alternate Takes experimental series, Calagione said it draws inspiration from analog-aged musicians, who were known for recording various unique takes and trialing alternate sounds until a great record emerged.

“Our Alternate Takes whiskey series is an ode of sorts to the mad chemistry of R&D distilling,” he said. “We approach these limited-edition spirits … and really, every creative moment … at Dogfish with a thirst to push new and out-of-the-ordinary ideas to their furthest limits and fullest potentials. Just like music, our off-centered concoctions are boundless, and each alternate take is another piece of the artistic journey.”

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