A Woodford Reserve Straight Wheat Whiskey May Be In The Works

Brown Forman’s Woodford Reserve distillery in Kentucky has, over the years, been checking off the boxes on major domestic whiskey categories across their main product line. Bourbon? Check. Rye? Check. Malt? Check. Wheat? Not so much, though this may be about to change if a recent TTB COLA label filing is to be believed.

The Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey, as detailed in a recent label application Woodford Reserve/Brown-Forman submitted to the government for approval, would be a 45.2% ABV (90.4 proof) offering that showcases a focus this specific grain type.

Woodford Reserve Straight Wheat Whiskey

A proposed Woodford Reserve Straight Wheat Whiskey label (image via TTB COLA)

Though there are no specifics on the percentages of the make up of its mash bill, what is known from the labels is that this would be a “proprietary four grain” make up consisting of wheat, corn, rye and malt. Beyond this information little else, such as pricing, is known at this point.

Woodford Reserve Straight Wheat Whiskey

Another proposed Woodford Reserve Straight Wheat Whiskey label (image via TTB COLA)

As is the case with other TTB filings that have been discovered through the COLA database, such as the Weller “Full Proof” bourbon, there is no guarantee such a whiskey will actually ever come to market from Woodford Reserve. It thus leaves us to speculate whether or not such might be the case, but it certainly would be fascinating to have this hit the market and then do a tasting flight of each of these four American whiskey styles done this distillery’s particular way.


Nino Kilgore-Marchetti

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