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Is A “Full Proof” Weller Wheated Bourbon On The Way?

By Nino Marchetti / March 15, 2019

If you are a fan of high wheat bourbons, or “wheaters” as some call them, then you likely know all about the W.L. Weller wheated bourbon line from Buffalo Trace. A down market cousin of the always overpriced on the retail market Pappy bourbons, the Weller line up gives people a chance to experience the Buffalo Trace take on this bourbon variant without usually having to drop a ton of cash in the process. Now, in what could be a very popular spin on Weller should it come to market, we’ve learned about a possible Weller “Full Proof” offering.

The Weller Full Proof bourbon labels, detailed in a recent Buffalo Trace application filing found on the public TTB Cola registry, showcase a good amount of information about what this expression might entail if it is released. Most importantly, this bottling clocks in at 57% ABV (114 proof), which is somewhat higher than the standard 90 proof W.L. Weller Special Reserve. As it is put on the label, this whiskey is “bottled at the same 114 proof in which it was entered into the barrel.”

Weller Full Proof Bourbon label

The Weller Full Proof Bourbon front label (image via TTB COLA)

Specifics of the labels indicate as well this expression would be non-chill filtered to “preserve all the naturally occurring residual oils and flavors that occur during the distillation and aging process.” Such a condition might potentially make the bourbon “appear cloudy at cold temperatures,” though this isn’t something to worry about when it comes to how the whiskey would taste.

Finally, in a bit of a hint of what the flavor profile of this new Weller might lean towards, we see Buffalo Trace indicating on the label that this bourbon “balances a rich mouthfeel with robust notes of vanilla and oak.”

Weller Full Proof Bourbon label

Weller Full Proof Bourbon back label (image via TTB COLA)

There is, as of the date of the publication of this article, no official word from Buffalo Trace on whether or not a Weller Fuller Proof Bourbon will actually be released, or what it might price at should one come to market. This is all speculation at this point based upon what has appeared in a public government registry, but should this whiskey appear on retail shelves it certainly will be highly sought after.