Reviews: Jack Daniel’s Canned Cocktails

Editor’s Note: These canned cocktails were provided to us as review samples by Brown-Forman. This in no way, per our editorial policies, influenced the final outcome of these reviews.

Jack Daniel’s several months ago launched their first ever canned cocktails. You don’t have to do anything except keep them cold in the fridge or cooler and pop the tab. Simple. I like simple, and as a bartender, I like not having to mix my own drinks. 

For most people, the task of making a cocktail at home can be daunting. Canned cocktails have become increasingly popular and big business for alcoholic brands. Even the Tennessee whiskey staple Jack Daniel’s has expanded into the market. Jack Daniel’s offers variety with their Country Cocktails, offered up in a bottle with less than five percent ABV and similar to a cooler, and now these three canned traditional cocktails with higher ABV. 

The canned cocktails from Jack Daniel’s are sadly not available in every state. As of now, you can find them in CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, IL, MD, MN, NV, NH, NY, PA, TN, TX, WI. Nevertheless, don’t expect them to be fancy. The three cocktails come just as most people order them in a bar, Jack and Cola, Jack and Seltzer, and Jack Tennessee Honey and Lemonade. 

If you noticed, Jack Daniel’s is clear to state, “Whiskey & Cola,” on its cans rather than Coca-Cola even though Coke is synonymous with Jack Daniel’s. Well, that’s because Coca-Cola President and CEO, James Quincey, has other plans for the company in the US. So if you’re looking for that distinct Coke taste with your Jack Daniel’s, you’re going to be disappointed.

Jack Daniel's Canned Cocktails

Jack Daniel’s Canned Cocktails (image via Courtney Kristjana/The Whiskey Wash)

Tasting Notes: Jack Daniel’s Whiskey and Seltzer

Vital Stats: 5% ABV. 97 calories. 355ml (12oz) $3.99 individually, and $12.99 per four-pack. 

Appearance: Caramel. 

Nose: That’s definitely Jack, but just diluted. A little banana and bright cherry pop up. 

Palate: A lot of cherry flavor from the whiskey settles on the tongue. The seltzer isn’t refreshing, and is pretty flat. The cocktail is mostly just seltzer, than Jack Daniel’s. 

Final Thoughts: It would be better if the seltzer was more bubbly and less flat. With the hard seltzer market so vast, now is not the time to lack in effervescence. The flatness of the seltzer doesn’t make it refreshing. If I ordered this at a bar, I’d think their CO2 tank was low. I am a fan of a simple whiskey soda. You get the benefits of drinking Jack Daniel’s while staying a little more hydrated. I recommend throwing in a slice of lime. 

Tasting Notes: Jack Daniel’s Whiskey and Cola

Vital Stats: 7% ABV. 97 calories. 355ml (12oz) $3.99 individually, and $12.99 per four-pack. 

Appearance: Dark cola. 

Nose: Artificial in every way. Yes, there is alcohol in it. Don’t sniff it, just drink it.  

Palate: So sweet and syrupy. The Cola is flat and hardly effervescent. However, it packs a punch in the middle and the aftertaste. There is so much black cherry on the tongue, you think you’ve grabbed an entirely different drink.

Final Thoughts: I’d already have to be a few drinks in, or they would have to be the only thing left at a party, for me to grab one. It’s questionable from the get-go. It’d be cheaper to just buy a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and real Coca-Cola for a mixer, but the con with that option is portability. The cola is just dismal.

Aside from the cola issue, I think the main problem is the proportion of Jack Daniel’s to the cola. I thought that after three sips, I would be used to it and it would get better, but I was mistaken. However, for an easy canned cocktail and accessibility it gets the job done. 

Tasting Notes: Jack Daniel’s Whiskey, Lemon, and Honey

Vital Stats: 7% ABV. 97 calories. 355ml (12oz) $3.99 individually, and $12.99 per four-pack. 

Appearance: Amber yellow; like an Arnold Palmer with more lemonade. 

Nose: Sickly sweet with lemon almost like lemon cleaner. Not as artificial as Jack Daniel’s Whiskey and Cola, but smells like lemon candy. 

Palate: There’s definitely whiskey in here compared to the Jack Daniel’s Lynchburg Lemonade, so be careful as it goes down fast. There are no bubbles in this one. The lemon is very bright, however I am disappointed that it isn’t freshly squeezed and artificial. It’s more balanced with the whiskey and the honey. While the nose was really sweet, it isn’t overly sweet on the palate.

Final Thoughts: Boozy lemonade is my favourite summertime drink. This is by far the best of the Jack Daniel’s canned cocktails, and it can easily be doctored; add a little seltzer, and you have a John Collins, or add a little mint or lavender.