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Top 10 Whisk(e)y News Stories Of 2018

By Nino Marchetti / December 27, 2018

The year that was 2018 for the world of whisk(e)y saw some very amazing bottlings released, many new distilleries coming online, the continued growth of the category as a whole on a global level and much more. There were also downers, such as the loss of loved distillers and the closure of some distilleries.

What follows is a ranking of our 10 most popular news stories published this year based upon total pageviews to that article. As always, we appreciate you our readers and look forward to continuing to report to you on the whiskey industry in 2019.

This shockingly expensive, 72 year old Macallan Scotch whisky was the top whisk(e)y news story of 2018. (image via Macallan)

Number 10: Christie’s Set To Auction An Amazing Pre-Prohibition Whiskey Collection (published November 21) – “Christie’s is set to bring to auction in New York in early December a recently discovered collection of pre-Prohibition whiskey elaborately hidden in a California home.”

Number 9: New Wild Turkey Longbranch Bourbon Goes Partial Texan (published April 12) – “Wild Turkey unveils Longbranch, a new bourbon that combines two separate charcoal filtration methods, including through Texas Mesquite wood, to give it a unique flavor profile.”

Number 8: Diageo Releases A Hoard Of Scotch Whiskies Tied To Game Of Thrones (published October 1) – “Spirits giant Diageo ties up with HBO via a massive push of new Games of Thrones themed Scotch whiskies, including a special Johnnie Walker White Walker bottling and a collection of expressions tied to the Houses of Westeros.”

Number 7: Jack Daniel’s Gets Into Experimental Tennessee Whiskeys (published October 15) – “The new Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Tasters’ Selection line up springboards from the traditional Daniel’s whiskey flavor profile to offer up some interesting variations on this popular American spirit.”

Number 6: Bob Dylan’s Heaven’s Door Spirits Releases A 10 Year Tennessee Bourbon (published December 10) – “Heaven’s Door 10 Year Tennessee Straight Bourbon debuts as the first limited release from Heaven’s Door Spirits, a relatively new whiskey label backed by master musician Bob Dylan.”

Number 5: Parker’s Heritage Collection 12th Edition Finishes Bourbon In Ex-Orange Curacao Barrels (published July 10) – “Parker’s Heritage Collection 12th Edition, part of an annual release of higher end Heaven Hill whiskeys, takes a bourbon aged seven to eight years and finishes it in ex-French orange curaçao liqueur barrels.”

Number 4: Buffalo Trace 2018 Antique Collection Arrives To Tease Your Wallet (published September 18) – “The soon to be highly sought after Buffalo Trace 2018 Antique Collection arrives, with the Eagle Rare 17 Year Old Bourbon now being offered at 101 proof.”

Number 3: Heaven Hill 27 Year Old Bourbon Dates Back Prior To Devastating Fire (published July 2) – “The new Heaven Hill 27 Year Old Bourbon, pricing around $400 a bottle, is a rare bottling produced at Old Heaven Hill Springs Distillery before it was destroyed by fire in 1996.”

Number 2: James T. Kirk Bourbon Aims To Beam Itself Into Your Liquor Cabinet (published June 27) – “James T. Kirk Bourbon is a real thing, yes, being tied to Star Trek and consisting of 10 year old whiskey that’s been distilled in Tennessee and bottled in Kentucky.”

Number 1: The Macallan Debuts A Shockingly Old 72 Year Old Scotch Whisky For $60k (published May 30) – “The brand new The Macallan 72 Years Old in Lalique Scotch whisky was originally distilled in the 1940s and is the oldest single malt whisky ever released by this distillery.”