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Importer ImpEx Beverages Announces Its Own Whisky Bottlings

ImpEx Beverages, an importer of spirits from notable small to medium sized distilleries and independent bottlers into the United States, recently announced the release of its new independent bottling line, The ImpEx Collection, with Edition One.

The new collection is seen as a logical extension for the company, marking the end of what’s seen as a long journey and realization of a dream for its executives.

This first edition features the following Scotch Whisky, World Whisky and Rum expressions:

Scotch Whisky:
  • The ImpEx Collection 25 yo Springbank Cask #94 (1993 Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish)
  • The ImpEx Collection 40 yo Blend Cask #34 (1980 Sherry Butt)
  • The ImpEx Collection 28 yo Cameronbridge Cask #115125 (1982 Sherry Butt)
  • The ImpEx Collection 12 yo Caol Ila Cask #313250 (2008 Hogshead)
  • The ImpEx Collection 14 yo Glen Elgin Cask #9800012 (2006 Bourbon Barrel)
  • The ImpEx Collection 21 yo Orkney Cask #58 (1999 HHD)
World Whisky:
  • The ImpEx Collection 3 yo M&H Cask #2017-0123 (2017 ex-Bourbon finished in ex-PX Sherry HHD)
  • The ImpEx Collection 13 yo Clarendon Cask #654MBKB (2007 Oak Barrel)
  • The Impex Collection 13 yo Longpond Cask #11ITP (2007 Oak Barrel)
  • The ImpEx Collection 15 yo Longpond Cask #21VRW (2005 Oak Barrel)

In addition to Single Casks, The ImpEx Collection includes vattings of multiple casks of fine spirits and small-scale batches of unaged spirits like mezcal.

The ImpEx Collection
The ImpEx Collection, Edition 1 (image via ImPex Beverages)

“Finding the symphony of nose, palate, and finish is key,” President of ImpEx Beverages Sam Filmus said in a prepared statement. “Sometimes we are looking for the original style the distillery offers and other times it’s about finding the surprise cask that is totally different from the norm. For us it’s about making sure those truly special gems don’t get lost and being able to bring unique and special options to the customer.”

Chris Uhde, Vice President of ImpEx Beverages, added, “There is a lot of great whisky out there and choosing a cask for The ImpEx Collection is always a very carefully thought-out process. When selecting a cask, I ask myself three questions:
1. “Is it delicious?”
2. “Would I be proud to share and enjoy this whisky with friends?”
3. “Does the cask fit in a complementary way with the other casks being offered in the release?”

Each of the bottlings is now available from specialty retailers across the U.S. Production size for all of the bottlings is small, so grab them while you can because once the bottlings are gone. Prices were not immediately mentioned.

Allyson Nichols

Allyson is a recent journalism graduate from Kent State University with a strong passion for writing both entertainment articles and poetry. While spending time with friends, she discovered her love for Jameson through the classic pickleback shot and since then, it has been a staple for every night out. When she's not out with friends or writing, she enjoys curling up and watching horror movies with her cat Hermione.

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