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Berry Bros. & Rudd Debut Their 2023 Autumn Release Expressions

Britain spirits and wine merchant Berry Bros. & Rudd has released its third seasonal, independently bottled whisky release of 2023.

The collection exhibits a varied range of spirit types, flavors and ages to appeal to an array of palates, including a Christmas edition bottling.

Eight bottlings were selected for the Autumn Release, with a broad geographical span encompassing the northern Highlands of Scotland to “the warm climes of the Indian Ocean.”

Berry Bros. & Rudd Autumn 2023 Release
Britain spirits and wine merchant Berry Bros. & Rudd has released its third seasonal, independently bottled whisky release of 2023. (image via Berry Bros. & Rudd)

The release largely centers on showcasing the distilling region in Scotland, Speyside, including a 1975 Exceptional Cask from Dufftown, offerings from Glenlossie and Balmenach and a duo of bottlings from Linkwood.

“This year’s Autumn Release celebrates the outstanding and wholly distinguishable talents of Speyside distillers,” said Joe Whittaker, Global Brand Ambassador for Berry Bros. & Rudd Spirits, in a prepared statement. :For instance, we have two bottlings from Linkwood Distillery which could not be more singular.

“One of which is a Christmas Edition Single Malt Scotch Whisky bottling, Linkwood 2010, that has been finished in a Pedro Ximenez cask. Its flavours epitomise the festive season, making it the quintessential dram to be enjoyed and shared over Christmas.”

Completing the portfolio of Scottish whiskies is a Ledaig bottling hailing from the Isle of Mull, matured in Oloroso casks which balances peat-smoke and Sherry wood style.

As part of its 325th anniversary year, the firm is also doing a continued an exploration into English whiskies, with the Autumn Release featuring a cask from White Peak Distillery.

Berry Bros & Rudd’s first bottling of Réunion rum completes the Autumn Release. Savanna 2016 is finished in a Red Wine cask.

The 2023 Autumn Release, featuring Linkwood 2013, Balmenach 2011, Glenlossie 2010, Linkwood 2010 Pedro Ximenez Finish, Wire Works 2018, Ledaig 2009, Dufftown 1975 and Savanna 2016, are available at Official tasting notes and other information on each release are below.

Linkwood 2013

  • This is an excellent example of Bourbon cask matured Speyside. Aromas of warm Victoria sponge, buttery coconut and fudge lure you into the glass. The palate follows the theme with spiced vanilla yoghurt, aniseed, and toasted oak before lighter stewed apple and pear come to the fore. Spice shows through on the finish alongside a lick of vanilla iced tea.
  • ABV: 46.0%
  • RRP: £75.00

Balmenach 2011 Cask #121

  • At first sniff, zesty and grassy notes rise out the glass followed by vibrant green fruits and orange. The palate is wonderfully citrusy, with tangy Granny Smith apples and a pleasing dollop of spirit sulphur. The finish brings grilled lime, barley sweets and a touch of hay. This is a thoroughly pleasing, distillate driven dram.
  • ABV: 54.4%
  • RRP £75.00

Glenlossie 2010 Cask #4884

  • This Glenlossie – matured in a first fill ex-Bourbon cask – sings from the glass, announcing itself with rich flavours of spiced crème brûlée, fresh apples, lime zest, vanilla pods and clove. It is a huge, muscular whisky. This theme continues on the palate, demanding your attention with waves of fresh shortbread, wood spice, fresh fruit and a touch of new leather. This style of wood-forward whisky works wonderfully at cask strength as the alcohol integrates beautifully with the rich character. Cinnamon and cloves linger on the finish, leaving one thoroughly impressed and ready for that second sip.
  • ABV: 50.5%
  • RRP: £75.00

Linkwood 2010 Christmas Edition Cask #301235 Pedro Ximenez Finish

  • Spice and apricot jelly aromas tease on the nose before vanilla and nutmeg develop with time. The palate is a pleasing balance of orange liqueurs, dark chocolate and marzipan all rolled in a layer of oak and cinnamon. More orange notes roll across the finish alongside apricots and clove. This is a hugely fulfilling dram, perfect after a long Christmas day to be enjoyed with friends and family.
  • ABV: 52.4%
  • RRP: £96.00

Wire Works 2018 Cask #128

  • Matured in a barrel which was left over smoke, after the charring process this whisky showcases the deliciously fruity distillate found at White Peak Distillery and pairs it with dense oak and complex smokes. Wood smoke and peat smoke delicately wisp around on both the nose and finish. Flavours of skin-on almonds, toasted spices and touches of nectarine make this a splendid Derbyshire dram.
  • ABV: 60.9%
  • RRP: £125.00

Ledaig 2009 Cask #700327 Oloroso Finish

  • Smoked bacon, grilled meats and bonfire ash draw you into this glass before it develops into peat bogs, hearths and soot. Everything deepens on the palate bringing more smoked meats, with Cullen skink and wood smoke. Lingering savoury smoke and cocoa endure on the palate. A dram to enjoy while mulling over why peat devotees always flock to Islay.
  • ABV: 53.5%
  • RRP: £130.00

Dufftown 1975 Cask #10430

  • Bottled at natural strength, this suave, old dram makes an entrance with beguiling aromas of buttered toast, rosewater and wildflower meadows. The palate gently builds with 45 years of character displaying fruit salad chews, sandalwood, argan oil and smoked pineapple. Warm cherries pop on the back palate. A long and contemplative finish brings subtle spice and orange zest.
  • ABV: 40.1%
  • RRP: £1,000.00

Savanna 2016 Cask #10 Red Wine Finish

  • Spirit and wood have engaged in a dramatic tango in this rum and it’s a slow dance with the elements infusing. There is a smokiness, spice, soft vanilla and red wine scent from the glass. The spice and herb scents hit with cinnamon and a touch of fennel hidden behind ripe berry fruit. The palate has a delightfully earthy grip which has the last word.
  • ABV: 65.0%
  • RRP: £85.00
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