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Ireland’s Dubliner Irish Whiskey Offers Up A New Smoked Stout Expression

The Dubliner Irish Whiskey out of Ireland recently launched its Dubliner Smoked Stout Whiskey, the first release from the brand’s latest limited-edition collection. Dubbed “The Dubliner Whiskey Beer Cask Edition Series,” it’s born out of a collaboration with one of Ireland’s leading craft brewers, Rascal’s Brewing Company.

The Dubliner Smoked Stout Edition is a whiskey with personality and flavor, according to the distillers. It is said to be for those drinkers that find “freshly baked oat cookies, honeyed sweetness and fresh cinnamon spice, followed by big creamy maltiness and subtle toasty smokiness, floats their boat.”

“We are excited to launch the Dubliner Smoked Stout Irish Whiskey in Ireland,” Bronagh Hunt, brand director for parent company Quintessential, said in a prepared statement. “Big on flavor, it’s sure to appeal to whiskey and beer drinkers alike.”

The Dubliner Smoked Stout Edition
The Dubliner Smoked Stout Edition (image via Quintessential)

Just to note, Dubliner Irish Whiskey Smoked Stout is a limited edition with less than 2,000 bottles available to customers in Ireland online at for €35.

This latest collaboration saw Dubliner Irish Whiskey share their ex-bourbon whiskey casks with fellow Dublin neighbor and independent Irish craft brewer, Rascal’s, with the brewers filling the casks with their unfiltered and unpasteurized beer.

Following bottling, the casks were returned to the Dubliner team, with each cask refilled with The Dubliner Irish Whiskey, allowing the flavors of the beer, having soaked into the casks, to seep into the three-year-old whiskey, which clocks in at 80 proof.

The Dubliner brand, for those unfamiliar with it, is, at its core, a blend of single malt and grain whiskey, fully aged in bourbon casks and bottled at 40% abv. The Dubliner is said to be “a classic style Irish whiskey – smooth, and fresh, with a mellow sweetness coming from the Bourbon casks – perfect for sipping on the rocks or enjoying in cocktails.”

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