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Bob Dylan’s Heaven’s Door Spirits Drops A New 26 Year Old Whiskey

Legendary musician Bob Dylan last year decided to enter the lucrative spirits tied to celebrities market, launching the new Heaven’s Door Spirits. Rather than just being a flash in the pan, a number of decently regarded whiskeys have emerged from this brand since that time. As part of Heaven’s Door’s growth, it was announced earlier this year that a new rare whiskey series would be offered annually, and now the first bottling for that line up has been offered up.

The inaugural Volume 1 release of what’s being called the Bootleg Series, according to those behind it, is a 26 year old whiskey that’s been finished in rare Japanese Mizunara oak casks. The whiskey is said to have been distilled from a low rye mash bill, though its specific style type is a bit vague (it’s been reported by some as being Canadian). Whatever the case, the secondary aging occurring in the Mizunara is done for an unspecified time before the final product is bottled at 111.5 proof.

“The unusually long maturity of the whisky is balanced with the acquired notes of coconut, coriander and a native incense of Dīngxiāng (clove),” said Ryan Perry, Master Blender, Heaven’s Door, in a prepared statement. “The Mizunara Oak offers an exotic taste and lingering finish found in some the best Japanese whiskies. We’ve been working on this release for many years and are thrilled with the end result.”

Heaven's Door Bootleg Series Volume 1
Heaven’s Door Bootleg Series Volume 1 (image via Heaven’s Door Spirits)

Plans call for this whiskey to be out this month as a limited edition release of just 3,000 bottles that each retail for around $500. Given that this is a more premium offering, it is being packaged inside hand-made ceramic bottles featuring one of Bob Dylan’s best-known paintings, Train Tracks, with each bottle being housed inside “a uniquely designed and individually numbered collectible leather journal.”

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