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World Whiskey Society Premieres New Range Of Premium Whiskeys

The World Whiskey Society recently debuted some new, limited-edition collections of whiskey.

The independent bottler sources single-barrel whiskies from different parts of the United States and countries across the world, and they’ve already brought a custom-made product to market. They now turn their attention to the limited-edition collections.

A statement from the World Whiskey Society explains that the new collections will feature innovative barrel finishing, eye-catching packaging, and sourcing of whiskies from different parts of the globe.

World Whiskey Society
The World Whiskey Society recently debuted some new, limited-edition collections of whiskey. (image via World Whiskey Society)

This allows the Society to offer a wider spectrum of flavor and style for enthusiasts of the rare and collectible whisky category.

“We’re committed to creating a remarkable product, and on occasion we source something unique and earmark it to sell as a single cask release,” said Dr. Irina Kogan, founder of the World Whiskey Society.

“We go to great lengths to paint whiskies with flavor by experimenting with different casks, like those made from the extremely rare Japanese Mizunara oak, for deliciously rich whiskies. When a customer buys our product, what they get is not just a whiskey, but a premium collectible that they can be truly proud of,” she added.

Kogan noted that these whiskies are born from barrel finishing, aging in casks that have previously held other liquors like Armagnac, tequila, shochu, and sherry. This gives the whiskey another layer of flavor and, in addition to its age, a complementing and influential finishing touch.

They search for and source rare whiskies globally, including in Japan, Ireland, Scotland, and the United States. All of the Society’s collections are made up of single barrel, limited-edition whiskey.

Every bottle is numbered, and since the alcohol percentage varies for each barrel, depending on the collection, the number is hand-printed on the bottle.

The Society’s latest edition is the Doc Holliday Straight Bourbon Whiskey “171st” Birthday Edition. This is a single-barrel bourbon made in honor of the American gambler, gunfighter, and dentist, John Henry Holliday.

It was made with a malted corn mash bill, distilled in 2014 by the Ivy Mountain distillery in Georgia, then 72 barrels of the bourbon were sold and transported to Texas.

In 2021, the Society purchased and returned the barrels to Georgia, and the changes in the maturation climates contributed to the unique flavor profile of the bourbon. The whiskey sells for $134 on their web site.

The World Whiskey Society also focuses on packaging, whether it’s the Reserve Collection, which features 32-year-old Macallan single malt whisky in custom-designed crystal bottles, the Classic Collection, or the Diamond Collection.

You can find out more and acquire the limited bottles from WWS by logging on at

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