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New Washington State Bourbon Dedicated To A Special Breed Of Firefighter

The world of the smokejumper is one that’s fraught with peril. These specially trained wild land firefighters parachute into remote  fires typically, providing an initial attack response with equipment that is supplied to them by parachute as well. Skunk Brothers Spirits, a disabled veteran owned distillery out of Washington State, is looking to honor these individuals through the release of a new bourbon.

The new Smoke Jumper Bourbon, according to those behind it, is a sweet and smoky bourbon that is made with local Washington-grown corn, malted barley, white wheat, a little bit of rye and some peated malt imported from the United Kingdom.

Smoke Jumper Bourbon

Smoke Jumper Bourbon (image via Skunk Brothers Spirits)

The spirit is all made in-house, according to the distilling team, “where the mash is fermented and distilled in a 300-gallon reflux column still, then sits low and slow in a 100-gallon all copper pot still. Once the spirit is smooth and ready to age, it goes through an accelerated aging process in a barrel.”

Plans call for this bourbon, bottled at 90 proof, to price around $40 per 750 ml bottle. You’ll find some official tasting notes for it below for your consideration.

As a side note, Skunk Brothers CEO Scott Donoho has been active in the USAF, U.S. Air National Guard and as a State of Oregon Fire Fighter for a combined 23 years. His grain-to-glass distillery is specifically located in Washington State’s Columbia Gorge area.

  • Nose: Buttery popcorn, peaty bonfire, malted barley, hints of vanilla and toffee
  • Palate: Toffee, vanilla, creamy buttery corn, earthy peat with light ginger candy and a touch of white pepper
  • Finish: Moderate in length, with a light peat and buttery corn notes.
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