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Kentucky Owl Bourbon Set To Debut Outside Of Kentucky

Kentucky Owl Bourbon, as we’ve touched upon in the past, was, at one point, a whiskey with a cult following in Kentucky, the only state you could technically find it for sale in. Times change, however, and the recent acquisition of the brand by Stoli Group and its parent company S.P.I. Group has now brought about the first ever official distribution of this bourbon in other states across the country.

Batch 7 of Kentucky Owl Bourbon, according to those behind it, will be available in Kentucky, California, Illinois, New York, Tennessee and Texas. 2,535 bottles will be out there, which were produced from 11 barrels aged 13+ years, and four barrels aged 8-9 years that have been double barreled at two years old.

Kentucky Owl Bourbon

“As with all batches, I didn’t start with a specific taste profile in mind,” said Kentucky Owl blender Dixon Dedman in a prepared statement. “Instead, I followed the flavors and landed on a combination that is sweeter on the front and more complex and spicier on the finish than my previous batches. I could not be more proud and humbled to introduce bourbon lovers in new cities to the Kentucky Owl story and to our Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey with Batch #7.”

Plans call for this 118 proof bourbon to price around $200 when it debuts next month. The brand was initially founded in 1879 by C.M. Dedman, with Dixon Dedman releasing his first batch in 2014, nearly 100 years after prohibition ended his great-great-grandfather’s original endeavor. You’ll find limited official tasting notes for Batch 7 below for your consideration.

Batch #7 features a caramel, sweet char, crème brulee nose with a hint of cinnamon and red delicious apple. Vanilla and toffee join rich caramel to coat the front of the palate before the mid-palate tingles with spicy notes of pepper, cinnamon and a hint of ginger. The finish is lingering pepper spice with deep oak notes.

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