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Devils River Whiskey From Texas Drops New Rye, Barrel Strength Bourbon

Devils River Whiskey is a brand of whiskey out of Texas named after a river who’s waters are used in the creation of some brown spirits. The label initially debuted last year with a bourbon that was well received after some different spirits competitions, and now those behind Devils River are back with both a barrel strength bourbon and a rye whiskey.

The first new addition to the Devils River Whiskey line-up is Devils River Barrel Strength Bourbon. Whereas the regular bourbon is bottled at 45% ABV, the barrel strength offering packs a bit more of a powerful punch at 58.5% ABV. A high rye bourbon style, its mash bill is 75% corn, 21% rye and 4% malted barley. It is non-age statement in nature, distilled in “traditional copper pot stills” and passed through a “proprietary chill filtration process” that’s designed to make its flavor profile more smooth.

Devils River Whiskey

Devils River Rye Whiskey and Barrel Strength Bourbon (image via Devils River)

“Until the 20th century, this is how whiskey was enjoyed, at its full strength,” said Devils River Whiskey president and co-founder, Mike Cameron, in a prepared statement. “Our new barrel strength bourbon is a nod to that bold nature found in whiskey’s beginnings. True whiskey lovers will delight in the unmistakable flavors of whiskey in its purest form.”

Joining the barrel strength bourbon is the Devils River Rye Whiskey, produced in a similar style to the other whiskey. It is distilled at 90 proof and aged in dark #4 charred oak barrels. It too is non-age statement in nature and comes from a mash bill that’s 51% rye, 45% corn and 4% malted barley.

Plans call for Devils River Barrel Strength Bourbon to price around $40 per 750 ml bottle, while Devils River Rye Whiskey prices around $35. Both will be available across 11 states, including TX, FL, GA, CO, MO, KS, AR, OK, NE, SC & TN. You’ll find some limited official tasting notes for both below.

The bourbon’s distilling process brings forth a bold, yet incredibly smooth taste that develops on the palate and finishes clean. Devils River Barrel Strength expresses flavors of oak, honey and caramel alongside a distinct peppery spice.

Devils River Rye Whiskey balances the right amount of flavor forward rye, complimented with the ideal blend of corn and malted barley. This brings forth the whiskey’s distinct spicy notes of rye, pepper, and oak, balanced with a slight but rich sweetness of caramel, brown sugar, and orange zest.


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