Six Shooter Smoke Whiskey More Like A BBQ, Less Like A Scotch

1506850_10152228872370692_282757137_nMississippi River Distilling, located right on the banks of its namesake in LeClaire, Iowa, is one of the four distilleries taking part in a highly anticipated collaborative bourbon. It has plenty of its own limited edition whiskies to offer its fan base as well, such as the recently released Six Shooter Smoke bottling that came out at the end of January.

Limited to just over 1,000 bottles, the Six Shooter Smoke whiskey is, as the name implies, a smoked offering. What the distillery did was to take its standard Cody Road Rye recipe and add some cherry wood smoked, six row barley to it, resulting in something that’s said to be “uniquely smokey and spicy.”

“Reminiscent of a sweet barbecue with the spice of rye,” this 375 ml release is pricing for under $20 a bottle. There’s not a lot in the way of tasting notes on this one but, as the distillers put it, Six Shooter Smoke is “definitely different than the traditional style of smoked whiskey” and “more reminiscent of a barbecue than a bottle of Scotch.”