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WhistlePig Helps Whiskey Lovers Pay Their Taxes In Mini ‘Whiskey Rebellion’

Credit: WhistlePig

This Tax Day, April 15th 2024, craft whiskey brand, WhistlePig, is covering $1,500 of deduction taxes for 15 people as part of a mini Whiskey Rebellion. 

The recent deduction tax increase to $1,500 for joint filers has prompted WhistlePig to encourage whiskey lovers to “use your tax refund on craft whiskey instead”. WhistlePig Whiskey lovers can enter Uncle Ham’s Piggy Payback draw on WhistlePig’s website.

Winners will also receive an Uncle Ham Piggy Pour Spout “as a nod to free pirs and patriotism”. WhistlePig will also cover the sales tax on every purchase of the WhistlePig Estate Oak Rye 15 Year Old on April 15th. 

The Uncle Ham Piggy Pour Spout is part of the giveaway. Credit: WhistlePig

In other recent WhistlePig news, the whiskey brand teamed up with The Super Troopers to save barrel-aged maple syrup amid a global shortage.

WhistlePig’s Ode To The Whiskey Rebellion 

This initiative by WhistlePig constitutes a mini ‘Whiskey Rebellion’. The Whiskey Rebellion came about in the 1790s when the first tax was levied on distilled spirits in the US. The population of the Western Frontier, who were then living in a barter economy, weren’t best pleased with Alexander Hamilton’s new tax and decided to rebel. You can read a complete, in-depth history of The Whiskey Rebellion here.


Beth Squires

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