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Maker’s Mark Celebrates Women’s History Month With Customizable Labels

Image courtesy of Maker’s Mark & PR News Wire

Maker’s Mark has joined forces with Vital Voices, a nonprofit organization championing female leaders, to release a limited edition, customizable, label design. The project is in honor of Women’s History Month in the United States. 

The label was designed by artist Gayle Kabaker, a freelance illustrator based in Massachusetts. She has worked with Vital Voices multiple times in recent years, and so was the perfect choice to design the limited edition labels for Maker’s Mark. 

Kabaker took her inspiration from “the wildflowers of Kentucky and the colors of the Maker’s Mark palette”, aiming “to create a non-specific, kind of abstract woman who had beauty and growth coming from within her”.

The Maker’s Mark Women’s History Month labels are available to order, for free, via the Maker’s Mark website. They will be available throughout 2024. 

Customers are also invited to customize their label by adding the name of an inspirational and important woman in their life. Whether it be a mother, grandmother, friend, daughter, or aunt, you can dedicate a bottle of Maker’s Mark bourbon to a special woman in celebration of Women’s History Month. 

Image courtesy of Maker’s Mark & PR News Wire

Rob Samuels, MD of Maker’s Mark, holds this project close to his heart, as the company was co-founded by his grandmother, Margie Samuels: “As a brand co-founded by my grandmother […] more than 70 years ago, Maker’s Mark continues to be guided and grown by incredible women defining what’s next in the industry. We are privileged to continue our commitment to women making an impact in their communities and support the meaningful causes that drive Vital Voices.”

Margie Samuels had a huge impact on the development of the Maker’s Mark brand throughout her life, with the label design, bottle shape, and iconic red wax seal being her creations. 

About Maker’s Mark 

Maker’s Mark, a renowned bourbon whiskey brand, was founded by T. William “Bill” Samuels Sr. and Margie Samuels in 1958. Descending from a distiller’s lineage, the team of spouses revolutionized the family’s traditional recipe to create a refined, approachable bourbon. The brand, now owned by Beam Suntory, Inc., has been crafted by three generations of the Samuels family. 

About Vital Voices 

Vital Voices Global Partnership is a nonprofit organization that was founded over 25 years ago, primarily by then-First Lady Hillary Clinton. The organization was created from the Vital Voices Democracy Initiative in March 1999, with the mission of investing in women leaders to address global challenges. Today, Vital Voices continues its work toward gender equality and fights against poverty, disease, and inequity worldwide.

About Gayle Kabaker 

Gayle Kabaker is a prolific freelance illustrator with over 35 years of experience. She has been featured on eight New Yorker magazine covers and is renowned for her feminine, beauty-focused artwork. Gayle has a passion for travel, often painting her experiences and turning them into illustrated stories. She also directs creative projects, collaborating with a team of animators, filmmakers, editors, and musicians. Gayle teaches art workshops worldwide and sells original paintings and prints.

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