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Five Great Whiskies to Toast To Mom This Mother’s Day

Whatever type of whisky that your Mother may be into, we hope the list below can provide some inspiration for what to get for her for Mother’s Day! Whether she likes it sweet, smoky, or a little bit of everything – the whiskies listed below can provide that perfect flavour profile to hand over as a loving gift in March. 

Ledaig 10 Year Old, 46.3%.

BUY NOW: $64.99 

Mull gets overlooked when it comes to West Coast Scottish whisky. It was only when retrying Tobermory 12 year old last year that I forgot how incredibly deep and complex this distilleries liquid can be. The distillery is Tobermory, but their peated spirit is named Ledaig, and what a spirit it is!

It’s smoky and coastal, but it has so many softer, sweeter flavours to help assist it along. Matured in ex-bourbon casks, Ledaig 10 year old has these stunning fudge, caramel notes hidden beneath those clouds of peaty smoke. 

The 18 year old is also a good upgrade, it’s just over £80 per bottle, but either choice is something that your Mum will love if she’s into those deeper, heavier styles of scotch whisky.

Loch Lomond 14 Year Old, 46%

BUY NOW: $71.99 

Matured in ex-bourbon casks, and then finished in virgin Limousin French oak, the depth and rollercoaster of flavour that this liquid takes you in is honestly incredible. 

It starts off with all of these sweet, rich bourbon flavours, then it turns into a classic highland single malt with some toffee, gentle oak influences, a little bit of spice that pushes flavours of ginger and butterscotch through, classic Loch Lomond flavours. But the fun part of this is the finish, at most, this is a very gently peated whisky, you can barely taste the peat in most regular Loch Lomond expressions, it drinks more like a lowland style of whisky. 

However, the French oak finish on this liquid gives you smoke! Not peat smoke, but barrel char and culinary styles of smoke that just come out of nowhere as a wonderful surprise at the end of this whisky.

A Loch Lomond 18 year old expression was recently named Whisky of the Year 2024 by The Whisky Exchange, so you know that you are in good hands with this Highland distillery. The Loch Lomond 14 year old may be a great Mother’s Day whisky. 

Compass Box Hedonism, 43%

BUY NOW: $99.94 

It is totally worth picking up a bottle of this blended grain whisky because it is rather delicious! 

If your Mum has a sweet tooth and loves the idea of something a little against the grain (sorry), Hedonism is a perfectly light, balanced bottle of whisky that has all of the dessert profile of vanilla, caramel, no peat smoke at all, and a gently oaky finish just to give it a well balanced feel. 

Discontinued as a regular release from Compass Box, but now only available as a once-a-year release with some very lovely artwork decorating the bottle, Hedonism was the whisky that launched Compass Box into the mind of all of us. But do be sure to pick up a bottle of the now-discontinued standard release as it is something we all have had, and still need on our shelves. 

Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey, 40%

BUY NOW: $49.99 

Irish whiskey is famed for being a more delicate style, Green Spot is one of the best whiskies to enjoy if you have a taste for a more delicate, floral style of spirit. 

Put yourself on the Irish coast, the smells of sea air and arching green hills, and this whiskey to accompany that image. The smells and flavours of elderflower, ripe green apple, peaches and honey are what this whisky is all about. It’s the perfect whiskey for newer drinkers or experienced ones. 

Once you’ve tasted Green Spot you’ll be hard-pressed to come across anything that matches it for freshness. 

Think of this whiskey as a younger version of Redbreast 12 year old. It’s from the same distillery (Midleton), uses the same stocks of whisky, perhaps with a more bourbon cask-led flavour, and is a Single Pot Still whiskey, so a combination of unsalted and malted barley in the same whiskey which gives it this softly spicy finish, just to remind you that you are drinking something at 40%

Nikka From The Barrel, 51.4%

BUY NOW: $56.99 

Japanese whisky can still be somewhat of a mystery to some of us, but let me lay that mystery to bed. It’s made in the same way as scotch whisky is, be it blended or single malt, and is just as delicious. 

Here we have Nikka From The Barrel, a whisky unchanged since the 1980s with some lovely retro feel to it. A blended whisky of malt and grain, bottled at a higher strength than most for extra flavour and finish, it’s something that is always in demand. 

The bottle has this beautiful curved brick shape to it, so much so that Nikka essentially looks at it as the foundation for their entire company, which based on sales, it is! 

A blend with some heavy notes of toffee and very soft smoke, all emphasised and capable of dwelling around your mouth for a very long time with this 50%+ ABV that just makes it an absolute bargain for the price.

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