Whisky Review: Canadian Club 42 Year Old

Editor’s Note: This whisky was provided to us as a review sample by Beam-Suntory. This in no way, per our editorial policies, influenced the final outcome of this review.

In 2017, Canadian Club, owned by spirits giant Beam-Suntory, launched a 40 year old whisky. The following year, the brand began its premium aged Chronicles series. The 2018, and inaugural expression, was a 41 year old Canadian Club named, “The Water of Windsor.” For the Chronicles Issue No. 2, Canadian Club presents a 42 year old whisky. 

Chronicles Issue No. 2, “The Dock Man,” pays homage to Canadian Club’s dock workers. During Prohibition, dock workers distributed Canadian Club across the river to Detroit. They ensured counterfeit whisky didn’t get into the hands of drinkers and bars since this was a rampant problem at the time. 

Canadian whisky has been making a comeback in recent years. Labeled as blended here in the United States, the spirit lives in the shadow of stereotypes. However, Canadian distillers want to show that their whisky is laudable, and Canadian Club’s premium series Chronicles is nothing to scoff at. 

Canadian Club 42 Year Old

Canadian Club 42 Year Old (image via Beam-Suntory)

Tasting Notes: Canadian Club 42 Year Old

Vital Stats: 45% ABV, 90 proof. Blended Canadian whisky that was batched and aged for 42 years. 750ml $300.

Appearance: 24k gold/golden raisin. 

Nose: It is full of ripe pear and crisp apple. I get a lot of mixed citrus zest and lemon oil. In the background, there is a faint bit of cinnamon. Overall, the nose on the whisky is very light. 

Palate: The whisky has a light and soft mouthfeel. Even though it is 90 proof, it drinks like water. It is bright with lemon peel. There is a slight leathery taste in the middle. The sweetness I get is brown sugar, however, it is only a subtle amount. For the finish, you get a lot of grain similar to Cheerios or quinoa.

The Takeaway


This is not my grandparents’ Canadian Club. As a Canadian, I am proud to see Canadian whisky getting the attention it deserves. It is also nice to see established distilleries stepping up their game in the premium spirits. The Canadian Club 42 Year Old whisky is the best bang for your buck in regards to aged whisky. It is very surprising to see a whisky older than me selling at $300 when similarly aged whiskies are going for over $10,000.

While, I do love this whisky, the flavor is missing something for me, or is masked by the oak. The brightness from the citrus notes, and subtle sweetness works in its favor. Buy a bottle, and keep your eye out for more premium aged whisky from Canadian Club.

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