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Canadian Club Offers Up A Quite Old 41 Year Old Canadian Whisky

The Canadian Club Canadian whisky brand, owned by spirits giant Beam-Suntory, has been producing whisky in Canada for almost 160 years, making it something of a historical icon there. One imagines there is a lot of older whisky stock sitting around in their warehouses, much like one might see at older Scottish distilleries. Those there are now tapping some of the oldest they have available for bottling, unveiling a very limited edition 41 year old expression.

The new Canadian Club 41 Year Old, according to those behind it, is the oldest aged expression ever released by this brand. Barreled back in 1977, it is said to pay homage to the birthplace of Canadian Club in Windsor, Canada. It interestingly has been blended with subtle amounts of cognac, rye and sherry for what’s described as “depth and complexity.” It is bottled at 90 proof and presented in a special decanter-style vessel.

Canadian Club 41 Year Old
Canadian Club 41 Year Old (image via Beam Suntory)

Canadian Club, in looking to go more upscale, is bringing forth this bottling as the first in a new series of premium expressions that will pay bring greater awareness to its history. The line up will be dubbed CC Chronicles, and this particular release is being called Issue No.1: Water of Windsor.

Plans call for the 41 year old Canadian whisky to be priced at around $300 per 750ml bottle. You’ll find some limited official tasting notes below from Beam-Suntory.

  • Aroma: Caramel and toasted oak harmonies with spiciness and a slight vanilla sweetness
  • Palette: Notes of dark plum and vanilla balanced with caramel, oak and a rye spiciness; complex, yet smooth and satisfying
  • Finish: Warm and lingering
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