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Whiskey Review Round Up: Shenk’s Homestead/Bomberger’s Declaration

Editor’s Note: These whiskeys were provided to us as review samples by Michter’s. This in no way, per our editorial policies, influenced the final outcome of this review.

If you’ve tasted a lot of different bourbons, then you’ve likely heard of Michter’s. But, have you ever heard of Shenk’s Homestead Whiskey or Bomberger’s Declaration Bourbon? These whiskeys bear Michter’s name on the label, but in very small print. I found both Shenk’s and Bomberger’s are on Michter’s website but not on the whiskey list page.

The Michter’s whiskey that we are used to drinking is sourced whiskey. I read somewhere that these are actually distilled by Michter’s Distillery, but, neither bottle says “distilled by Michter’s”. Both bottles DO say “Bottled by Michter’s Distillery.” Source origin appears to be a bit murky.

Michter’s wasn’t always called Michter’s. These bottles honor the legacy of the distillery’s past and it’s founders. You can read more about the distillery’s history on Wikipedia and in a previous Whiskey Wash article.

Shenk’s Homestead is not categorized as bourbon or rye, but as Kentucky whiskey, although it has a rye forward profile. There is no age statement listed on the bottle. However, Michter’s shares that it is finished for 2 years in toasted French oak barrels.

The Bomberger’s Declaration 2018 has no age statement listed on the bottle either. But it’s a straight bourbon so we know it’s at least 4 years old. Remember, a distiller only needs to list the age statement for straight bourbon if it is less than 4 years.

As far as taste goes, both Shenk’s and Bomberger’s are pretty solid Kentucky whiskeys. For me, the price is a little steep for what it is. Of the two, I prefer the Bomberger’s due to the greater flavor complexity.

Shenk's Homestead/Bomberger's Declaration

Shenk’s Homestead/Bomberger’s Declaration (image via Michter’s)

Tasting Notes: Shenk’s Homestead – 2018

Vital Stats: 91.2 proof (45.6% ABV); non-age statement; small batch sour mash style; 750 ml; batch 18C321, bottle 143 of 2708; average price is $150

Appearance: Golden amber color with full clarity, no sediment

Nose: It has a bright fruity aroma, like fresh crisp sliced apples.

Palate: The flavor comes across with delicious vanilla and pecan flavors, with a hint of cedar

Final Thoughts: It’s on the lighter side, yet flavorful. This whiskey would likely get lost with ice or in a cocktail. Instead is best suited as a relaxed neat sipper.

Score: 3.5/5

Tasting Notes: Bomberger’s Declaration Bourbon 2018

Vital Stats: 108 proof (54% ABV); non-age statement; small batch Kentucky straight bourbon; 750 ml; batch 18C317, bottle 340 of 1658; average price is $150

Appearance: Golden amber color with full clarity, no sediment

Nose: Aroma of apricots and butterscotch

Palate: Maple syrup with hints of nutmeg, pecan pie and cinnamon roll, plus hints of cedar in the finish

Final Thoughts: It’s butter sweetness lends it as a nice nightcap or when you have a dessert craving

Score: 4/5


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