Review: Ken x Dragon Glassware Whiskey Glasses

Editor’s Note: These products were provided to us as a review sample by Dragon Glassware. This in no way, per our editorial policies, influenced the final outcome of this review.

As a little girl I played with Barbies, and with my friends we were constantly reenacting our mother’s daytime soap operas. However, there was always something missing in my collection, and that was a Ken doll. In grade three, I asked everyone I invited to my birthday for a Ken doll. What I got for my birthday instead was six new Barbie dolls including the discontinued Sky Dancer Barbie. Forever disappointed by the lack of Ken dolls in my life, it seems as though I can at least add Ken doll whiskey glasses to my home bar.

Dragon Glassware has collaborated with Barbie to make a new collection of drinkware including Ken Whiskey Glasses. Barbie x Dragon Glassware and Ken x Dragon Glassware includes stemless or stemmed martini glasses, stemmed wine glasses, and whiskey glasses. The Barbie Collection glassware comes in sets of two, and to rest your drink, coasters are also available.

Dragon Glassware specializes in luxury drinkware in Northern California. You may be familiar with the diamond faceted glasses and the diamond decanter. The Barbie Collection Ken glasses are faceted but do not wobble like Dragon Glassware’s diamond glasses. While the Ken whiskey glass looks similar to the Norlan Whisky Glass, it is much larger and has a smoky mirrored finished. The Ken glass is double-walled borosilicate, however, the inner portion is not tuliped.

Ken x Dragon Glassware Whiskey Glasses review

Ken x Dragon Glassware (image via Courtney Kristjana/The Whiskey Wash)

The Ken x Dragon Glassware collection is refrigerator and freezer safe, and the facets allow you to make wedged ice right in the glass. Because of its coating, fingerprints and smudges easily appear. The glass is easy to wash and buff with a microfiber cloth, but do not wash it in the dishwasher. The metallic finish will lose its luster.

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Like the Norlan Whisky Glass, the Ken whiskey glass from Dragon Glassware has thick rim because of the double-walled glass. Drinking from it gets a little awkward after a couple of whiskies neat, but at least it fits over the bridge of the nose. Although the glass is large, it is quite comfortable to hold and has some weight to it. As with other drinkware from Dragon Glassware, the Ken glasses in the Barbie Collection are conversation starters.

The entire Barbie x Dragon Glassware Collection is available for $179.95, but I am disappointed this is not a discounted price. I guess the silver lining is you can slowly acquire the collection as you wish. The two-set Ken whiskey glasses cost $34.99, same as the Barbie martini glasses. The stemmed glassware sets both cost $39.99, while the coasters go for $29.99. I like the Ken x Dragon Glassware so much that I will be buying the pink double-walled martini glasses for my Manhattans.

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