The Peaks Whiskey Glasses Takes Whiskey Drinkers To New Heights

| August 3, 2022

One whiskey glass maker is looking to take whiskey drinkers to the four corners of the Earth … in the palm of their hand.

The Peaks Whiskey Glass set by Liiton recently introduced four new destinations to their collection. Mont Blanc, Denali, K2 and Mt. Fuji will join the Everest Whiskey Glass for holding that prized single malt.

A statement from the makers of the glasses notes that The Peaks Whiskey Glass far surpassed its Kickstarter goal in less than 24 hours, and it surpassed the same-day goal set by its predecessor, the Everest Whiskey Glass.

The Peaks Whiskey Glass set by Liiton

The Peaks Whiskey Glass set by Liiton (image via Liiton)

Liiton Founder Peng Lin said that during their Everest kickstarter campaign, whiskey enthusiasts asked for more mountains. “So we’re delivering four peaks in this collection. We couldn’t be more pleased to bring whiskey fans the glasses they have been clamoring for.”

With the Peaks Whiskey Glass set, Liiton offers those who missed out on the Everest Kickstarter Campaign to be first to jump on board for their newest products. Lin noted that more than 13,000 whiskey fans backed the Everest Whiskey Glass the first time around.

“If you thought our Everest project was ambitious, we went to new heights to design four new, true-to-scale replicas of these four iconic mountains,” Lin added.

Features of the Peaks Whiskey Glass set include:

  • Precision-crafted Peaks Whiskey Glasses feature a true-to-scale 3D glass carving of all three sides of the mountain.
  • The glass sculpture of each mountain embedded within the whiskey evenly distributes the cold throughout the drink without watering it down.
  • The Peaks Whiskey Glass gently and naturally releases the aromatic compounds of the whiskey through interaction with the mountain carving.
  • Each Peaks glass is made from X1 Crystalline, a proprietary glass tested over hundreds of days that offers more durability, chills drinks quicker and offers the cleanest aromatic whiskey flavors.

The Peaks Whiskey Glasses set is live on Kickstarter through August 5th at


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