The Bar & Nightclub Show Report

By Lenny Gotter / August 14, 2019

The Bar & Nightclub show this year in Las Vegas was very busy and very fun. This show is mainly geared to the bar owner, and most of the booths were equipment, software, bar supplies, insurance you name it. There were a number of beverages, some odd, some fun, and some tasty. Here are just a few:

Sierre Norte Mexican Corn Whiskey – Made from native corn varietals and pot distilled, this whiskey is then aged in French Oak barrels for 9 months. Their current lineup is yellow, white and black corn, with the yellow being my favorite. Previously reviewed I have to agree with the review, that the whiskey really needs to sit longer. I look forward to trying this in the future, as I did like some of the unique flavors.

LUSH CDB Cocktail Syrups – Instead of talking about how about what a wonder drug CBD is, I’ll just talk about how tasty these syrups are. Sweetened by certified organic sugar, the flavors smooth and bright. My favorites out of the dozen where the cream soda, maple/bacon and grandberry

Black Infusions Black Fig Vodka – This is one of the best fruit vodkas I have ever had, I even took a bottle home. They must use a lot of dried black figs, because the flavor is very bold.

808 Dawn Hangover Herbal Tea – The promo person said it promotes and increases enzymes which break down Aceta-Aldehyde (which causes hangovers) and increases your body’s metabolism. I did drink a couple during a long night of drinking and felt fine in the morning, which seems to jive with the few reviews there are on Amazon. It’s fairly herbal and tasty.

JEVO jello shot maker – A fully-automated gelatin shot prep machine. Pop in a pod, pour in your booze of choice and minutes later you have jello shots. At $5k it’s clearly for a higher volume bar, but I have to say the jello shots were really tasty.

The Long Drink RTD – “LONG DRINK” is a top selling category of alcoholic beverages in Finland. This tastes like a lighter slightly herbal alcoholic Fresca at 5.5% ABV. Very refreshing and light I really wanted to add some gin and drink it on the rocks.

Tanduay Asian Rum – Produced in the Phllipines since 1854, the Gold Rum is a blend of 7 rums aged up to 7 years in used Bourbon barrels. Smooth with flavors and aromas of caramel and vanilla. I hope they have some sitting longer.

Rujero Singani Bolivian Brandy – With flavors and aromas of pear and grape, this Singani is bright and very flavorful. If you like Pisco, Brandy or Grappa definitely give this a try, one of the best fruit spirits I have had in a long time.

Libre Tequila – A very good silver tequila is the basis for several very tasty flavored tequilas. The cinnamon, mango and pineapple were my favorites.

Bumbu Rum – Created from scratch by the master distiller, the XO is aged up to 18 years in bourbon barrels and finished in Spanish white oak sherry casks. Flavors and aromas of burnt caramel, toasted oak, pepper, and vanilla. Very balanced and perfect for sipping.