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Gift Guide: Great Whiskey Combinations

By Margarett Waterbury / December 14, 2017

Whiskey makes a fantastic gift, but sometimes, just handing over a bottle in one of those liquor store gift bags can feel a little bit too…easy. But throw in a thoughtful, whiskey-enhancing accessory, and all of a sudden you’ve knocked the present out of the park.

Never fear; we’ve done the work for you. Here are five perfect whiskey-and-friend combinations for transforming a whiskey gift from an afterthought into a showstopper.

Westland Winter

image via Katelyn Best/The Whiskey Wash

Westland Winter + a Filson cap

Both Westland and Filson celebrate the culture and craftsmanship of the Pacific Northwest, although outdoor clothing brand Filson has about a century’s head start on the celebrated whiskey maker. For fans of hiking, duck hunting, mycology, Gold Rush creative anachronism, and smoked salmon, we suggest pairing a bottle of Westland’s limited-edition Winter whiskey with a Filson cap in the company’s signature wide-grain plaid.

Dalmore cigar malt + A Cuban Cigar

The big, rich, sherry-laced Dalmore Cigar Malt was created specifically to pair well with fine cigars, so don’t muck around with a corner store cigarillo. According to the fine folks at Master of Malt, the “flavor benchmark for pairing” is the Partagas Serie D No. 4 cigar, an earthy, full-bodied Cuban Robusto.

Woodford Rye Whiskey + Rooibos tea

Rye whiskey makes a killer hot toddy, and it’s especially good when paired with herbal tea, rather than hot water, as the drink’s base. Rooibos, the South African herb sometimes referred to as “honeybush,” makes a particularly nice tisane, with a floral sweetness and rich, almost woody spice that pairs beautifully with Woodford Rye, a dash of honey, and a juicy wedge of orange.

Glenfarclas 21-Year-Old + bottle of Lustau East India Solera Sherry

Sherried Scotch enthusiasts will relish the opportunity to get better acquainted with the Spanish wine that makes their whisky so unique. Lustau is one of the oldest sherry houses in Spain, and their delectable East India Solera Sherry, a combination of Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez sherries, is easy to find in most markets. A glass of sherry alongside a classic sherried single malt like Glenfarclas 21-Year-Old can be an experience as educational as it is enjoyable.

Bookers + Country Ham

Legend goes that Booker Noe always kept a country ham in the trunk of his car in case of emergencies (and really, what emergency can’t be ameliorated with a few strategically placed slices of salty, porky goodness?). Channel that attitude with a combination of a bottle of Booker’s Bourbon and a fine country ham for a gift to keep even the most disorganized person prepared for (almost) any contingency.


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