Tenjaku Whisky Has Released A Pure Malt Whisky In The United States

By Robert Ham / December 15, 2020

Tenjaku Whisky, one of the freshest faces in the popular Japanese whisky scene, recently announced a new creation to go along with their signature blend: Tenjaku Pure Malt.

A blend of 100% aged malt whiskies, Tenjaku Pure Malt goes through a double copper pot distillation process under the watchful eye of distiller Kenji Watanabe, before it is aged in ex-bourbon barrels for six years. According information from the brand, the whisky carries “a slightly nutty taste with hints of green apples and herbs, finishing with a subtly smoky vanilla and woody tone.”

Tenjaku Pure Malt

Tenjaku Pure Malt (image via Tenjaku)

“The launch of Pure Malt is another step for Tenjaku in its mission to share smooth, premium Japanese whisky with whiskey lovers all over the US,” said John Beaudette, the president and founder of MHW, Ltd, the New York-based firm that imports the whisky into the U.S., in a prepared statement.

The release of Tenjaku Pure Malt caps off a successful first year for this new brand, during which they earned a Gold Medal in the Japanese Blended Whisky category from the Beverage Tasting Institute with a rating of 91.

The 40% ABV Tenjaku Pure Malt is now available at retailers throughout the U.S., and retails for around $70 per bottle. For those that don’t know this brand, information from it indicates “it is a Japanese style whisky that provides a pure, mellow flavor to suit any drinking style. By utilizing only the highest quality ingredients derived from the natural environment, Tenjaku Whisky is smooth and refreshing whether poured on the rocks or mixed into a signature cocktail.

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“Inspired by Master Blender Kenji Watanabe and his passion for craftsmanship, Tenjaku Whisky is created in the shadow of Mount Fuji using the highest quality spring water on Earth. The water used in every bottle of Tenjaku is filtered through volcanic rock until it meets their standard for dilution. This is how Tenjaku Whisky is able to provide a whisky that is bold while maintaining its balance and smoothness.”