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Highland Park Brings Forth Another Viking Influenced Whisky

By Nino Marchetti / August 13, 2018

Over a year ago the Highland Park distillery, based in the relatively remote Orkney Islands of Scotland, brought forth a new non-age statement series of whiskies based upon Viking influences. The first of this Viking Legend series was known as Valkyrie, and now they are back with the follow up, Valknut.

Highland Park Valknut, according to those behind it, is a non-age statement Scotch whisky bottled at 46.8% ABV. The release is somewhat different from Valkyrie, with Jason Craig, Highland Park brand director, noting that “it’s matured predominantly in American sherry seasoned oak casks with a slightly higher phenolic level, compared to Valkyrie.  We’ve also used a small amount of Orkney grown Tartan barley which adds to its smokier edge and lingering sweet, spicy finish.”

Valknut, like Valkyrie, was done in conjunction with Danish designer Jim Lynvgild, who drew design inspirations for the series branding from two Nordic sources in Gotland, Sweden – the first of the four Stora Hammars stones and the picture stone at Tängelgårda. The name of this specific bottling means “knot of those killed in battle” and its symbol of three interlinked triangles is closely associated with the Norse god Odin who guided the spirits of the dead to Valhalla.

Valknut is the second in the series of the three Viking Legend releases. It will be followed by Valfather in 2019. This latest release is being launched in 15 global markets, pricing around £58, or about $75 USD. You’ll find some official tasting notes below from Highland Park.

  • Nose:  Toasted vanilla pods, cracked black pepper, oak shavings, cloves, aniseed, aromatic smoke
  • Palate: Sweet, aromatic cloves join forces with tangy hints of aniseed
  • Finish: Intensely balanced, bold and courageous, leaves a lingering memory of aromatic peat smoke and sweet spices


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