Glenmorangie Milsean the New “Sweet Things” of Whisky

Glenmorangie MilseanEach January, fans of Glenmorangie look forward to the release of the new bottling from the coveted Private Edition collection. We’ve covered these bottlings in 2014 and 2015, and now this year we’ve just received word of their first-ever expression extra-aged in heavily toasted Portuguese red wine casks.

Known as Glenmorangie Milsean (Scots Gaelic for ‘sweet things’), this is a non-age statement release which was first aged in ex-bourbon oak casks before being transferred for “a number of years” to the special ex-wine barrels. According to the distillery, its director of distilling Dr. Bill Lumsden decided many years ago

on the type of wine casks he needed and placed a very specific order. He bought former Portuguese red wine casks and had them shipped to Scotland where they were re-toasted. A unique cask preparation that turns out to have been ingenious. Those casks, charred with live flame after their time with a bold and powerful red wine, deliver much sweetness, piquancy too, the re-toasting causing the sugars to deepen into the wood.

This seventh release in the Private Edition collection is a 46% ABV expression that very well could be enjoyed as a dessert whisky. Official tasting notes follow, and as for pricing and availability, it is starting to pop up in retail now for at least $105 USD.

“A glass of Glenmorangie Milsean transports me straight to an old-fashioned sweet shop with its sweet and spicy bouquet, with hints of sugar cane, ripe fruits and fudge,” said Lumsden in a statement. “Extra-maturing Glenmorangie in heavily toasted red wine casks for the first time, has allowed us to create a whisky recalling a bygone era.”

Aroma: Perfumed, sweet and spicy with hints of sugar cane, ripe fruits, sherbet lemons and fudge

Taste: A sweet, luscious candy-like flavour followed by a mix of tart plummy fruit, candied orange peel, cherries, and angelica.

Finish: Long and spicy, but always with a sweetness in the background, with flavours of ginger, brown sugar, sweet tobacco and cake mix.