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Jeptha Creed Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon




Whiskey Review: Jeptha Creed Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon

Tasting Notes:

Bottled-in-bond bourbon aged at least four years and distilled from bloody butcher corn (75%), malted rye (20%), and malted barley (5%). It is bottled at 100 proof and priced at $49.99.
There’s a nice moderate amber richness in the glass, tied to a moderate leg structure and decent viscosity.
On the nose, this is what one would expect in a high-rye-style bourbon aged at least four years. It balances vanilla sweetness and black pepper spiciness alongside good aromatic undertones of oak, a maple kiss, caramel, and leather.
Straight and true, this bourbon adheres to the high rye approach on the palate, giving nice nods to the typical vanilla sweetness and black pepper spice found here. It is backed up with the usual oak, alongside some maple, coriander, cotton candy, leather, and a little bit of baked bread.
The finish is mild, sweet, and a little spicy, offering a simplistic finish with minimal staying power.
Jeptha Creed’s offering to the high rye and bottled-in-bond styles plays it safe, not reinventing the wheel here except for the heritage corn usage. It doesn’t stand out much from similar whiskeys, but it doesn’t need to either to be a good sipper or for use in cocktails.
Jeptha Creed Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon review
We review Jeptha Creed Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon, aged at least four years and distilled from red bloody butcher corn (75%), malted rye (20%), and malted barley (5%). (image via Jeptha Creed)

Editor’s Note: We received a review sample of this whiskey from the brand. However, in accordance with our editorial policies, this has not influenced the outcome of our review in any way.

Jeptha Creed, introduced in 2016, is a small Kentucky craft whiskey distillery that is unique in this busy bourbon landscape in several ways. Owned and operated by Joyce and Autumn Nethery, a mother-daughter duo, Jeptha Creed is deep into using heirloom corn in its bourbons, with a particular focus on Bloody Butcher Corn grown on the over 1,000-acre Nethery family farm.

In addition to the corn they grow, the family-run farm distillery sources from other farms in the area for different needs, helping them hold to what they describe as a ground-to-glass concept that strongly supports local agriculture. Joyce Nethery is the master distiller here, having previously earned a Master’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Louisville’s Speed Scientific School and for 15 years working as a process engineer in industrial-scale distillation.

The portion of the farm dedicated to the distillery is 64 acres, and it is covered in crops that produce the grain, corn, fruits, and other ingredients used in Jeptha Creed’s spirits, which, besides the whiskey, include vodka, moonshine, and brandy made from fresh, locally grown pawpaw fruit.

Located along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour, Jeptha Creed Distillery is open to visitors and offers tasting experiences and tours. Its name comes from the Jeptha Knobs, where the Nethery family farm is located.

What’s in the bottle

The bourbon being reviewed from their lineup here is the Jeptha Creed Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon. Aged at least four years and meeting the requirements for bottled-in-bond, it is distilled from red bloody butcher corn (75%), malted rye (20%), and malted barley (5%). It is bottled at 100 proof and priced at $49.99.

This bourbon is noted as being Jeptha Creed’s flagship whiskey offering.

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