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Cutty Sark Unveils New 12 Year Old Whisky Expression

Cutty Sark pulled on its century of whisky-making experience and created a new, 12-year-old expression that offers what they call a “mellow mouthfeel,” balanced by notes of spice and fruit.

This Scottish whisky expression is aged more than 12 years in hand-selected bourbon and Sherry casks. The whisky then goes through a marrying process, allowing it to be filtered at a higher temperature to retain what’s described as its smoother flavors.

“Aged for 12 years in hand selected oak casks and with notes of dried and tropical fruits, spice, cloves, ginger and a subtle hint of sea salt, Cutty Sark 12 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky pays tribute to the ship’s many anchor points and its long, proud maritime history,” said Stephen Woodcock, Cutty Sark’s master blender, in a prepared statement.

Cutty Sark 12 Year Old
Cutty Sark 12 Year Old (image via Cutty Sark)

Cutty Sark 12 Year Old comes in a black bottle with a cork seal that reflects the traditions of the Prohibition era, when Cutty Sark is said to have reigned supreme. The yellow label displays the iconic Cutty Sark ship along with a compass, marking its maritime branding.

Cutty Sark’s new dram was unveiled at the Tax Free World Association World Exhibition earlier this year and is now available in select global domestic retail markets. Clocking in at 40% ABV, it comes in 70 cl and 100 cl sizes.

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