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Lochlea Channels Islay In New Ploughing Edition (Second Crop)

Image courtesy of Lochlea Distillery & May Fox Communications

Lochlea Distillery has channelled the flavors of Islay in the new Lochlea Ploughing Edition (Second Crop). 

The new whisky will be available to purchase from Lochlea stockists from March 7th 2024 at an RRP of £51.50 (~$65.53). 

The whisky comprises the fourth and final release in Lochlea’s seasonal releases. These releases from the distillery mark the seasons of the harvest, with the Ploughing Edition representing the winter months on the farm and the ploughing of the fields ready for spring. 

In addition, the Lochlea Ploughing Edition (Second Crop) is the first release from the Ayrshire distillery to feature a subtle smoky profile. In a nod to the home of Lochlea’s Production Director John Campbell (an Islay native), the whisky was matured exclusively in ex-Islay casks. As a result of this maturation process, the Lochlea Ploughing Edition (Second Crop) has a peaty undertone, offsetting Lochlea’s characteristic “fruit-forward […] biscuity” house style. 

Tasting notes for the new release feature “fresh green apple, signature Lochlea cereal” on the nose. On the palate, “succulent fruit, freshly cut summer hay”. Drinkers can expect a lingering finish of sea salt and smoky peat. 

Of the newest release, John Campbell said: “We are excited to share our new Ploughing Edition (Second Crop) that shows the experimental side of Lochlea that we are always looking to explore more. As Islay whiskies are so well respected and much loved, we wanted to ensure we tip our hat to this unique style of whisky carefully and done in the right way.”

As the distillery moves towards a new harvesting season, we can expect additional seasonal releases to be relaunched. The seasonal releases are: 

  • Ploughing Edition – released in winter to mark the ploughing of the fields in preparation for spring. 
  • Sowing Edition – released in spring to mark the sowing of the seeds for the next crop. 
  • Harvest Edition – inspired by the harvest of said crop to make whisky. 
  • Fallow Edition – released in autumn when the fields are left to fallow before the process begins again. 

About Lochlea Distillery 


Lochlea Distillery’s roots lie in the rich soil of a farm that was once home to legendary Scottish poet Robert Burns. The farm, located in the Scottish Lowlands, transitioned from dairy to pedigree beef cattle farming in 2006. 

However, the idea of transforming Lochlea into a distillery didn’t come until 2014. Construction commenced in 2017 and by summer 2018, Lochlea began its journey as a Single Malt Whisky producer.

The distillery prides itself on its grain-to-glass approach, growing its own barley for whisky production. Initially, the distillery operations were guided by Malcolm Rennie’s experience, but it is now under the management of ex-Laphroaig Distillery Manager, John Campbell.

Beth Squires

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