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New Túath Glass Claims To Be Best To Taste Irish Whiskey In

By Nino Marchetti / October 11, 2017

The whiskey world is ever changing as new bottlings and products come to market. One particular sector of the industry which has seen a lot of innovation in recent years is glassware. When one looks beyond the standard Glencarin glass, which certainly in of itself provides for an all round good sipping experience, many other choices start to appear. Some have chosen to classify themselves as the best for a particular category of whiskey, such as the Libbey glass with bourbon earlier this year. Now word has come of Túath, and its target is Irish whiskey drinkers.

Túath, according to those behind it, is said to have been created as the result of “exhaustive research into nosing and tasting glasses” that led to “an enhanced chamber capacity delivering a better and more generous drinking experience.” Its contemporary base, inspired by the Irish landmark of Skellig Michael, is said to give a platform over which one’s thumb rests to facilitate a 360 degree, clear visual analysis of the whiskey as well as a secure hold for drinking.

Furthermore, it is claimed the concave rim “allows the usual solitary tasting experience to be expanded into a real social Irish moment as you maintain eye contact with friends and colleagues.”


This glass is already set to be used at a number of Irish whiskey events and by a number of related organizations. Probably the most notable of these at its launch is that Bord Bia, the Irish state agency with the aim of promoting sales of Irish food and drink abroad, has agreed to use it for representing the Irish whiskey category on their trade missions.

The first production run of Túath is done already and glasses should soon begin appearing in various outlets, retail and distillery in particular, in time. Consumers should be able to get hold of glasses online soon too. No price was immediately mentioned.