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Does Bourbon Now Have Its Own Official Tasting Glass?

By Nino Marchetti / May 22, 2017

Long has the glass of choice for whiskey drinkers been the Glencairn glass. Other barware options exist as well, but the nature of the Glencairn makes it something perhaps a little more unique to this brown spirit than those other choices. Glencairn is going to be getting a run for its money though now from Libbey, an American glassmaker with roots stretching back to the early 1800s. This company has teamed up with the Kentucky Distillers’ Association (KDA) to introduce what’s being billed as “The Official Tasting Glass of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.”

The new Libbey glass, according to those involved, is designed specifically for tasting bourbon and “bringing out the best aspects of the signature spirit.” To this end it features what’s described as “a heavy sham, curved bowl, an ideally sized opening and fine rim.” It is from these elements that the glass is said to deliver “a multi-sensory, smooth bourbon tasting experience.”

Now, in case you think all of this is what normally sits on the floor of a uncleaned Kentucky horse barn, know that Libbey did what it calls “an in-depth one-year process” around designing this glass, which included input from unnamed master distillers, “Bourbon Barons” and other members of the KDA.

“The combination of the Kentucky Distillers’ Association’s expertise on Bourbon and our insights on glassware design and presentation led to a glass that makes the ultimate Bourbon tasting experience possible,” said Jerry Moore, senior category manager of beverageware for Libbey Inc., in a prepared statement. “We are proud to lend our expertise to this unique celebration of American ingenuity.”

Plans apparently call for the glass to be made available at participating distilleries throughout the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. The glass already looks to be on sale as well through the KDA directly for around $8 each.

“Kentucky Bourbon is a complex, elegant spirit that can be enjoyed so many different ways,” added Adam Johnson, senior director of the KDA’s Kentucky Bourbon Trail Experiences. “We recognized the need for a specific glass to enhance the aroma, flavors and nuances of Bourbon, and we’re proud to partner with Libbey, America’s Glassmaker, to create the ideal version.”

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