Lambay Irish Whiskey Adds A Single Cask Program

The Lambay Irish Whiskey brand is an interesting mash up of Irish and French spirits tradition in that Irish whiskey is giving a finish in ex-Cognac casks sourced from Camus. To date we’ve seen two releases come from this label, and now a third expression has been announced in the form of a cask strength variant that heralds from a single cask program.

The new Lambay Single Malt Single Cask Strength, according to those behind it, “is triple distilled malt whiskey, bourbon cask matured and finished in cognac casks close to the island’s shoreline” (the setting for the distillery is Lambay Island, located off the east coast of Ireland). Given this is a single cask offering, ABV is individual per cask and varies between 45- 59%.

Plans call for only 20 single casks to be made available, with Lambay describing the process as follows for those wishing to get in on one:

Lambay Single Malt Single Cask Strength

Lambay Single Malt Single Cask Strength (image via Lambay)

“The customer places their enquiry and will receive 3 samples of Single Malt Single Cask Strength to sample, each have varying taste profiles depending on their location within the maturation warehouse. A complete tasting profile is supplied with each sample and the cask batch nr is recorded to show the exact location of the cask within the warehouse. The customer then selects their chosen cask and the maturation process is ceased. Having reached maximum full cask strength intensity and aromatic concentration, this exceptional small-batch whiskey is then ready to be enjoyed. Rather than leave the cask on the island after purchase, the entire cask is bottled, labelled and sent to the customer for their full enjoyment.

“Each bottle is packaged with a neck tag and placed in a French wooden crafted box where our curious Lambay Whiskey illustrations are branded on the inside of the box.

“We have sourced our wood packaging from an environmentally sustainable forest in France. Each bottle produced is recorded with a batch number on the label along with the signature of Lambay’s Master Blender Patrick Léger. Labels front and back offer space for you to personalise this special offering.”

Lambay has set up a registration form so you can contact them for more information.


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