Iconic Jameson Irish Whiskey Bottle Gets A 2019 Facelift

By Nino Kilgore-Marchetti / January 29, 2019

Jameson Irish Whiskey is noted for being the world’s fastest growing Irish whiskey, experiencing 29 years of consecutive growth and hitting sales of 7.3 million cases in 2018. The whiskey has been housed in the same iconic bottle design since 1968, with some 50 years to a look drinkers the world over have come to identify on backbars in their favorite watering holes. Pernod Ricard believes it is now time to change things up a bit, revealing an evolution of the bottle and label for a new era.

Striking what is said to be a new and “bold visual identity,” the bottle shape now features, according to those behind it, “a tapered body and a more generous shoulder curve, while a distinctive embossed label ‘eyebrow’ and heel at the base make the bottle more tactile and memorable to hold. The distinctive green glass bottle and easy-to-pour neck remain in place, in line with feedback from market research among bartenders and Irish whiskey drinkers.”

Jameson Irish Whiskey 2019

The new Jameson Irish Whiskey bottle design (image via Pernod Ricard)

“The refreshed label is printed on textured paper and reinterprets key elements of the design – most notably the Jameson family crest – while still retaining the most recognisable features to create a more timeless and cohesive look. Messaging on the bottle has been streamlined to emphasise the triple-distilled production method of Jameson, which crafts its renowned smooth taste, and its Irish provenance. The update is underpinned by a more vibrant color palette designed to stand out and includes a brighter red cap and fresher greens and creams on the label.”

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What’s interesting to note here is a bit of history on the previous bottle design, for the sake of comparison. When bottling was brought in house at the Bow Street Distillery as the era of whiskey bonding came to an end, the signature green, cream and maroon colors “were inspired by the stained-glass panels in the doors of the historic distillery, installed in the late 19th century by then Production Manager George Jameson, and can still be viewed at the Jameson Distillery Bow street today. Over the past 50 years, the bottle has evolved with the times but key elements such as the green glass, family crest and ship have remained in place to inspire new whiskey drinkers with the Jameson story.”

“Jameson Irish Whiskey is the world’s favourite Irish whiskey and is leading the renaissance within the category that we have seen over the past ten years,” said Simon Fay, International Marketing Director for Jameson at Irish Distillers, in a prepared statement. “As such, we are committed to investing in the brand and we are confident that our new smooth pack, with the same triple distilled Irish whiskey inside is the winning combination to drive distinctiveness and relevance with whiskey drinkers and bartenders.”

“With 29 years of consecutive of growth, our mission is to maintain momentum in key markets and accelerate growth and we believe that the subtle design evolution will help us to share the fearless spirit of Jameson with even more people around the world and continue the success story for many years to come.”

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As it stands now the new Jameson Irish Whiskey bottles will be available in Ireland from January of this year, and from the USA and other markets from March ahead of St. Patrick’s Day. It will also be introduced across Jameson Caskmates, Jameson Black Barrel and Jameson Crested throughout the year.