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More Hockey-Themed Canadian Whiskies Hit Shelves from J.P. Wiser’s

By Katelyn Best / May 13, 2019

J.P. Wiser’s is at it again, pairing Canada’s favorite sport with its favorite drink in a second batch of Canadian whiskies inspired by retired hockey stars. The honorees this time around are Paul CoffeyLarry Robinson, and Darryl Sittler.

In a recent company statement, the Canadian distiller announced that the three new bottlings will again benefit the NHL Alumni Association, an organization that supports players in adjusting to life as everyday citizens after their professional careers are over. “This partnership has helped raise awareness of the NHLAA’s initiatives and efforts in supporting retired hockey players,” said Glenn Healy, executive director of the NHLAA (and a 1994 Stanley Cup champion with the New York Rangers). “We’re pleased to continue working with J.P. Wiser’s and we’re excited for the next launch of whiskies.”

J.P. Wiser’s goes back-to-back with its second release of the Alumni Whisky Series (image via CNW Group/Corby Spirit and Wine Communications)

Now for my favorite part—the tasting notes, which include an explanation of how each whisky was paired with each hockey player:

“Paul Coffey 
At 48% ABV, this 2-grain whisky is rich & smooth like Coffey’s stride on the ice. Aged in 4 distinct barrels for 7 years, this whisky perfectly pays tribute to #7’s historic 48 goal season.

Larry Robinson
Big and smooth like Larry’s play, this 2-grain whisky is aged for 6 years in 6 different barrels, in commemoration of his 6 championship wins.

Darryl Sittler
Aged in Canadian and bourbon barrels for 10 years, this balanced 4-grain blend is well-rounded, just like Darryl on the ice.”

Like the previous batch of releases, these are all limited runs; unlike that first batch, though, they will all be available throughout Canada.

“We were humbled by the success of the first launch back in October and we’re thrilled for this next installment to be nationally available,” said Derek Wagner, assistant brand manager of Canadian Whisky at Corby Spirit and Wine Limited, which owns J.P. Wiser. “With future lineups and player whiskies in the works, we are excited to continue working with the NHLAA to celebrate their members and help support their social mandate.”


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