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J.P. Wiser Targets Hockey Market With NHL-Themed Canadian Whiskies

By Katelyn Best / December 31, 2018

A lot of things pair well with whisky: a nice meal, a fine cigar, good company. Canadian distiller J.P. Wiser has a new one: ice hockey.

Both are endemic to the Great White North, it’s true—nonetheless, I couldn’t have dreamed up the concept behind this series of limited releases, made in partnership with the NHL Alumni Association (NHLAA), which consists of “unique blends that reflect the playing styles of Wendel Clark, Lanny McDonald, and Guy Lafleur.” That’s right; we’re talking about describing hockey players using whisky as a medium.

When Hockey meets Canadian Whisky: Corby Spirit and Wine Limited launches limited edition Alumni Whisky Series (image via Corby Spirit and Wine Communications)

Here’s a rundown, from the press release, of how they did that with the first batch of whiskies:

Wendel Clark – bold and tenacious. Available now, only in Ontario.

  • Aged in bourbon barrels for eleven years, this 100% rye whisky is bold and tenacious, just like Wendel’s on ice personality. This whisky features notes of orange honeysuckle and dried fruits with a peppery finish. And, at 41.6%, it truly is a Toronto whisky.

Lanny McDonald – well-rounded and wheat-forward. Available now, only in Alberta.

  • Whether you have a moustache or not, you can enjoy this 9-year-old, wheat-forward blend. Aged in Canadian and virgin oak barrels, you’ll find notes of apricots and fresh honey for a whisky as well-rounded as Lanny’s game.

Guy Lafleur – smooth, 100% corn, with a memorable finish. Available now, only in Quebec.

  • For 10 years, this blend aged in Speyside, bourbon and rum barrels, leaving it with a naturally smooth and delicate body reminiscent of “The Flower” gliding through the neutral zone. With 100% corn, you’ll notice honeycomb toffee, caramel and vanilla on the nose. A drink of this, and you’ll be cheering, “Guy! Guy! Guy!”

In addition to being an incredible concept, these whiskies serve a philanthropic mission. “This partnership will help the NHLAA’s mandate to support retired hockey players adjust to life after their professional careers end, while also impacting our local hockey communities,” said Glenn Healy, former professional league champion and Executive Director of the NHLAA, in a prepared statement.

This is a one-time-only release, with the next batch of players to come in spring 2019.


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