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Canada’s Macaloney’s Introduces Inaugural Triple Distilled Pot Still Whiskies

Macaloney’s Island Distillery recently debuted the inaugural release of their triple distilled pot still whiskies, exclusively in their home country of Canada.

A statement from the distiller notes that this limited release includes the Killeigh signature edition, which won Canadian Best at the World Whiskies Awards, and the expressions Kildara Batch 1 and the Kirkinriola Single Cask release.

Bottles of all three whiskies are individually numbered by hand, and two or more bought online will be shipped free across Canada.

Macaloney’s Kildara
Macaloney’s Kildara (image via Macaloney’s)

The Killeigh – Whiskymaker’s Signature Selection was created with a combination of Kentucky ex-bourbon wood, European oak, and virgin American oak casks.

The distiller’s notes show that on the nose, it presents cream soda, soft vanilla and oak, with apricot, pear, hints of banana, sweet pea flowers, milled oats and honey. On the palate, it’s creamy with more tropical fruits including sweet lychees, mandarin orange, and delicate banana embellished with honey and barley water. Fresh rose petals and a potpourri of dried flowers and wood spice yield to vanilla, oak and coconut with a hint of linseed, nutmeg and cinnamon.

The Kildara – Whiskymaker’s Signature Selection – lightly Sherried is the culmination of selected and married Spanish Oloroso, Kentucky ex-bourbon, virgin American oak, and Pedro Ximénes (PX) casks. The result is a full bodied, triple distilled single pot still, island whisky with delicate Sherry notes.

The distiller’s notes explain that on the nose, this whisky has aromas of dried fruit cake, vanilla crème laced with cinnamon, demerara sugar, and old seasoned leather. Abundant tropical fruits include candied orange, dried apricot, figs, ripe blackberries, blackcurrant jam, dried raisins and roasted nuts are also apparent. The palate is soft, with full bodied Sherry and tropical fruit. Oatmeal develops into oak spices, coffee, dark chocolate orange, nectarines, stewed plums, blackcurrant, red currant and sultanas, coming together as sweet dark fruitcake and honey.

The Kirkinriola: Single Cask Moscatel is Macaloney’s first triple distilled single cask whisky release and allows the drinker to experience the Moscatel sweet white wine cask in its unadulterated form.

On the nose is Muscat grape, sweet white wine and a European oak presence including vanilla, honey, and marzipan, walnut and nutmeg. Barley, oatmeal and malted milk yield to abundant tropical fruits including dried apricot, ripe peaches and sultanas. The creamy mouthfeel leads to full bodied moscatel and oak, vanilla beans, dried ginger, ripe cherries, pear, lychees, dried coconut and lemon zest. The  barley and malt suggest digestive biscuits layered with treacle, followed by linseed, leather furniture, walnut, almonds and pecans, with a hint of salt and dry oaken finish.

Master Whiskymaker Graeme Macaloney said that these triple distilled pot still expressions are a tribute to Dr. Jim Swan, a whisky legend who “had always wanted to apply his methods to triple-distilled pot still whiskies, but sadly passed away before he could do so.”

Macaloney said he studied the traditional methods for distilling this style of whisky and overlaid Dr. Swan’s methods at his Canadian distillery … with the result being a patient, yet purposeful, triple distillation that produces a complex, layered and balanced new-make spirit.

Macaloney noted that “Dr. Swan described our original new-make, which trickles off our copper pot stills, as ‘the best that I have tasted in any distillery at this stage, super fruity.’ And this triple-distillate is even smoother and fruitier.”

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