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Wyoming Whiskey Debuts Second Barrel-Strength Expression

By Katelyn Best / December 14, 2018

Tiny Kirby, Wyoming’s Wyoming Whiskey will release its second batch of barrel-strength bourbon on December 17. This is a super-limited run, with only 50 bottles available for purchase “in select markets,” according to a statement from the distillery. All 50 bottles are from a single barrel—barrel #3242—”selected for its excellence by Wyoming Whiskey Distiller Sam Mead, with the support of industry specialist Nancy Fraley.”

This highly limited release will retail for almost $200 in “a minimalist bottle with enamel labeling.” It’s bottled at 124.7 proof, offering “a profile that matches, if not surpasses, previous Barrel Strength selections.”

Wyoming Whiskey Barrel Strength

Wyoming Whiskey Barrel Strength (image via Wyoming Whiskey)

Since its whiskeys first hit shelves a few years ago, the small Wyoming operation has been piling up the accolades. “The bar was set very high after receiving 97 points from Mark Gillespie at Whisky Cast and a ‘Liquid Gold’ award in Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible,” said founder David DeFazio, talking about the distillery’s 2016 -strength expression.  “But when we found #3242, we knew we had something exceptional.”

They’ve also recently garnered press for their new partnership with Edrington, the parent company of Macallan and Highland Park, which has assumed sales, marketing and distribution duties for all Wyoming Whiskey products.