Texas’ Fierce Whiskers Distillery Announces Grand Opening

| September 27, 2021

Fierce Whiskers Distillery and Tasting Room has announced its grand opening in Austin, Texas after a five year build out project.

Fierce Whiskers began distilling its first batches of straight rye and straight bourbon whiskey in September 2020, with the goal to release the Fierce Whiskers Straight Rye by 2023 and a premium four-year-aged Straight Bourbon by 2024, as well as plans for a highly exclusive single malt, according to a brand statement. The tasting room will offer a cocktail program made with the unaged, new-make whiskey, along with craft gin, rum, and agave spirits distilled in-house.

The name for the distillery comes from an 1849 quote from former President Rutherford B. Hayes, which states, “Austin is an inconsiderable village with large expectations…full of discharged ‘Rangers’…costumes of every variety…Fierce whiskers, gaming, and drinking very abounding in all quarters.”

Fierce Whiskers Distillery

Fierce Whiskers Distillery aging warehouse (image via Fierce Whiskers)

“Our goal is to embrace tradition from a modern perspective. We are using the best ingredients and combining them with a data-driven approach to ensure that each barrel produced exceeds standards and delivers the finest product,” Fierce Whiskers Co-Founder Tri Vo said. “We’ve built Fierce Whiskers from the ground up, and we’re willing to wait a little longer so that our customers can taste only the very best of what our craft distillery has to offer. We can’t think of a better place to start this endeavor and are excited to celebrate every step of this process with fellow Austinites.”

Fierce Whiskers produces spirits from an all-in-house process and has invested in a state-of-the-art sustainable production facility, with a copper pot still from Vendome Copper and Brass Works out of Louisville at the center of it all. The five-story bonded rickhouse, a traditional structure in the spirits-aging process, is equipped with a non-traditional feature—large louvers, or metal slats that can open, close, or be set at an angle to catch and direct wind, allowing for both more creative control and harnessing the Texas climate.⁠

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The distillery is offering two memberships with exclusive opportunities: The Cut and Barrel Club. The Cut offers members engagement with the brand, including access to free events, an exclusive t-shirt, regular spirit samples by mail or pick up at the tasting room, and premium newsletter content, all covered by a $50 annual membership fee.

Barrel Club is a premium membership that includes invitations to private events and pairing dinners, quarterly private tastings with the head distiller, and a 20 percent discount at the tasting room for the member and up to four guests. Members will also receive exclusive merchandise, a copper bar kit and bag welcome gift, and a special branded bottle and bottling experience.  A membership for the club is $1,000 for the first year with an annual renewal fee of $250. More information about the distillery can be found here.


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