Sourced Bourbon Label Calumet Bourbon Debuts 12 Year Old

Calumet Bourbon, as folklore goes, pays homage to one William Monroe Wright, once-owner of the Calumet Baking Powder Company, whose Kentucky farm was famous for its award-winning horses. There’s now a new 12-year-old variant of it being made available that’s said to have been drawn from the ideal aging part of a rickhouse.

The new Calumet Single Rack Black Bourbon 12-Year-Old, according to those behind it, is drawn from “the specific center cut racks from the ideal maturation location and conditions inside the rick house.  Each rack provides the optimum level of temperature and humidity shifts for the best balance of flavor extraction from the charred white oak barrel.”

What you end up with in-bottle is a 94 proof bourbon that’s been bottled from a total of just 19 barrels. It has a mash bill of corn, rye and malted barley, making it a high rye style bourbon. This golden amber colored whiskey prices around $70, and you’ll find some limited official tasting notes below for your consideration.

  • Nose: Vanilla with aged oak and light spice
  • Taste: Elaborate layers of caramel, spice and smoky wood
  • Finish: Deep, satisfying and engaging

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